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  Week of November 19th - November 25th,  2010

Good-bye to Scorpio

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  The Sun is winding down in Scorpio, and we will take one last look at Calvin, repeating some of the same themes we have already learned. Go to the Column Archives and check out the last four weeks.

  Calvin is a Scorpio. He demonstrates Scorpionic traits in his weekly column day after day. He's fascinated by what is secretive, naughty, powerful, destructive, fatal, illegal, immoral and/or seductive. Learn to control this serpent energy, and it will take you far.

  But first you must study their secrets to better understand their ways.

Calvin's wrong channels

  There's a reason that Scorpios are secretive. They generally think about things they shouldn't be.

  And the last persons you generally want to find out about this stuff is your parents.

Calvin's TV privileges

  As a result, Scorpios often demonstrate a fondness for sunglasses. It gives them the power to check out things that other people don't realize they're checking out.


  There's a magnetism that exudes from this quarter of the zodiac that no one can fully explain. Unlike any other creature, why do Scorpions glow under a black light?

  We don't know. They just do.

  They've drawn to the primitive and the savage, like a moth to a flame, or a vampire to the night.

Calvin's shadow side?

  But demons like this don't just exist in fairy tales. They can also be found right inside your refrigerator door.

What time is it?

  Because this primal energy is part of their world, it's in-coming as well as out-going. Calvin has to learn to deal with these qualities when they appear through others, and he does.

  It was Calvin that once said, "Physical education is having your face in somebody's armpit right before lunch."

Calvin's friends

  And here, in themes we have seen repeated over and over again, is Calvin's ability to turn every situation into a life or death struggle with the forces of Creation.

Calvin- Life and Death again

Calvin- Life and Death again

  When newly discovered powers come their way, they are tools to be used in the final battle of Armagedon. The attack could come from anywhere, at any time, and from any quarter. It is best to use evey means at your disposal to get ready, and get ready now!

Calvin and Power!

  Of course, this makes quite a moral dilema of being a parent to a child such as this.

  As those of you who have Scorpio children already know.


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