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  Week of November 12th - November 18th,  2010

Meet My Moon

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  Over the last few weeks, we've been examining Calvin's Scorpio themes,
Calvin and scum beings

Calvin's alter-ego?

and of the way it 'fits' his personality to a 'T'. For Calvin, everything is reduced to a life and death struggle where each moment could be the last, where a split decision or moment's hesitation could result in fatal consequences. Never is life so fully appreciated as when it stands on the precipice of death.

  Say hello to Calvin's M.O.

  But this week we're going to throw in a twist. Calvin was 'born' (syndicated) on November 18, 1985. While we do not know the 'exact' birth time that day, we can assume that it was sometime in the A.M. as the first morning papers were being delivered. A chart for this day and time shows Pluto, the Lunar South Node, Venus, Juno and the Sun all in Scorpio. Throughout the course of 24 hours, these factors will not change.

  Calvin is a Scorpio.

  But now we're going to incorporate another factor, and that's his Moon.

  The Moon represents your shadow side, your alter-ego. It's the inner self and how we really feel about things. The three 'biggies' in the chart are the Sun, the Moon and the Ascendant. Because we don't know the time, we don't know the exact Ascendant. The Moon, however, was in Aquarius all day long on the 18th, and so Calvin is a Scorpio with an Aquarian Moon.

  Meet Spaceman Spiff, Conqueror of the Cosmos.

Calvin and McZargalds

  Aquarius is our little electronic buddy. It rules the stars, astronomy, astrology, science, science fiction, computers, electronics, knowledge, information, etc. etc, etc. like a steady data stream.


  All the same Scorpionic issues are still there, of being perched on the edge, of death staring you in the face, of having to contemplate THE END... (a contemporary euphamism for death).

  Now it's all just taking place in outer space.

  Fear and fearlessness are two sides to the same coin. My own personal investigation has determined that it is not so much fearlessness that's generally the case, as it is facing that fear and dealing with it, as Bobby Kennedy did when he was a child. He was a Scorpio.

  He was deathly afraid of the water. So he jumped off the family dock into the deepest part of it.

  He figured either 'sink or swim'.

  In Calvin's case we add to the Scorpio an Aquarian Moon and what do we get?

Going down

  A passionate child with a crazy personality.

  But the Moon is the secondary light when compared to the Sun. It is our shadow-self, and does not have the strength, power and persistence that the Sun has. People put on different personas over the weekend than those they wear to work. In the strip, we see far more of Calvin, in various guises, than we do of Spaceman Spiff.

  We would expect it to be that way.

  And now, we continue with those thrilling days of yesteryear, as we embark on another adventure in the bold vastness of space, high above alien canyons.

Calvin and a sarcastic alien

  Notice the skull and crossbones on the wing of the attacking craft in the next strip. We've seen Calvin as the pirate before. Now we're seeing him being attacked by space (Aquarius) pirates (Scorpio).

Calvin and Life and Death

  All waking moments become part of a struggle between life and death.

  It's just that not everybody sees it that way.


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