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  Week of November 5th - November 11th,  2010

Primal Themes II

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  The Sun is currently making its way through the sign Scorpio, and so, that's the lesson for the day. We're back with our favoritie six-year-old (unless you have one of your own), Calvin!

Calvin and the death machine

  The date of Calvin and Hobbes first cartoon strip in the papers was Nov. 18th, 1985. We are going to build on the energies of the previous two weeks, examining a theme that returns over and over again in the series, Calvin's Scorpionic nature.

  Scorpio is said to deal with the primordial energies- of life, death, fear and survival. It can be a cruel world of eat or be eaten. In the evolutionary ladder, it is thought that this reptilian model appeared early. We've discussed Scorpio's passionate nature before, and what this simply means is that their feelings are very, very strong.

  I really want to eat you.

  Naturally, all of this is being filtered through the eyes of a six-year-old, and so it is considerably toned down.

  This passionate side of Scorpio is said to come from its Fixed Water energy. Water signs deal with the emotions, and in our first few examples this week, we find the element evident in each, combining these primordial themes with their watery personal nature.

  It's amazing how these same themes can play out over and over again, but they do. In our next selection, we find Calvin simply wanting to go out and play, but beware. There's danger out there.

Calvin and Rain

  Before we step down the evolutionary ladder though, let's take one more look at a human manifestation of this energy, another excellent 'role model' for the Scorpionic realm.


  They live a life at sea, and plunder, pillage, rape, burn and steal under the flag of the skull and crossbones. And that's before breakfast. If they're lucky, they won't swing from the yard arm before they are through.

Calvin and pirates

  Since we're already wet, why don't we jump back in the water and watch as this boy's imagination finds different ways to employ the same story line over and over again.

  Except that this time our Scorpio is not a little boy.

  And in spite of the subject matter, it makes us laugh each time we see it expressed with a slightly different twist.

Calvin as a shark

Calvin and croc

  Next we'll take this crocodile theme and mix in a few million years. In the first strip, Calvin is in complete charge, satisfying his most basic instincts, as he fulfills his prime dietary mandate.

Calvin and the Cavemen

  But in the second strip, the tide has been turned and all the passion, emotion and fear is turned on Calvin, and he responds with typical Scorpionic aplomb.

  Let's get the (Pluto, Lord of the Underworld) hell out of here.

Calvin Rex

  (to be concalvined)


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