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  Week of October 29th - November 4th,  2010

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  The Sun is currently making its way through the sign Scorpio, and so, that's the lesson for the day. We're back with our favoritie six-year-old (unless you have one of your own), Calvin!

Calvin and the stars

  The date of Calvin and Hobbes first cartoon strip in the papers was Nov. 18th, 1985. We are going to build on the energies of the previous two weeks, examining a theme that returns over and over again in the series, Calvin's Scorpionic nature.

  Scorpio is said to deal with the primordial energies- of life, death, fear and survival. It can be a cruel world of eat or be eaten. In the evolutionary ladder, it is thought that this reptilian model appeared early. We've discussed Scorpio's passionate nature before, and what this simply means is that their feelings are very, very strong.

  I really want to eat you.

  Once you understand the archetype, the pattern is difficult to miss. Scorpios can be drawn to horror films or sexual intrigues, the power of their hidden Fixed Water depths finding a more fulfilling, or frightening, emotional expression there.

Calvin and Mom

Calvin and Sorority Babes

  Anyone who has had to live with strong Scorpio energy knows the depths that they can go to achieve their ends. When it comes to a contest of wills, they are not to be trifled with.

Calvin and seriously

Calvin and VHS

  While this strong Fixed Water energy can express itself impersonally, it also comes through loud and clear in their personal relationships. Subjective assaults often become part of a no-holds barred campaign that takes no prisoners.

Calvin and Romance

Calvin and Valentines

  Under the primordial-arena department come wonderful playthings like jealousy, envy and spite. Revenge is often a contender, and so we find the emotional tension ramping up the ante. They got you. Now its time to get them back.

  This is typcial of many Scorpio courtship scenarios.

Calvin and Baloney

self-reflecting Calvin

  Notice the dead flowers.

  A bouquet from Pluto.

  Passionate romance lies hidden beneath autumn leaves, but passion is a two-edged sword that can cut both ways. For Scorpio, the down-and-dirty street fighting can be a turn-on. It gets the Fixed Water sign juices flowing. It's arena requires a higher and more volumous emotional caliber, buried and nourished deep in the roots of the psyche.

  We will take a look a few other of Calvin's attributes in the weeks ahead, simply based upon the original day of the strip's syndication, Lord willin' and if the creek don't rise.

  Even when it comes in the form of a cute little six-year-old in a cartoon.

  (to be concalvined)


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