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  I've been wanting to talk about this for a long time.

Calvin and teacher

Life and Death struggles

  Calvin and Hobbes was a syndicated comic strip running from November 18th, 1985 to December 31, 1995. Created by Bill Waterson, it followed the imaginative antics of a 6 year-old and his stuffed tiger. The two are named after John Calvin, the 16th century French Reformation theologian and Thomas Hobbes, the political philosopher.

  Although we don't know the exact time the first periodical came out on the 18th, we can speculate that it was early in the morning, as the papers were on their way to greet the day.

  The loss of the exact birth time limits us in a few categories, but there is still much that can be seen. When Calvin was 'born' to the public on November 18th, Pluto, the Lunar South Node, Venus, Juno and the Sun were all in Scorpio, denoting the personality (Sun) and much of the humor (Venus) of our imaginary friend. And this is where some folks get off. It's bad enough that there are those who believe that the stars influence people, never mind comic strip personalities, but they do. Those who have studied the celestial attributes will enjoy this a little more, but this is when Calvin was created, and for all intents and purposes, he's a Scorpio and the 'hero' (Sun) of the strip.

  So how could a cute, funny kid (Sun) like Calvin be a Scorpio? Don't let him fool you. He's not a cute little kid that will grow up to be a Scorpio, he's a Scorpio in a little kid's body.

Calvin and Fate

  Destiny and Fate are the final hallmarks of life and death. Our dance with mortality is one of the sweetest gifts we have to treasure while on this Earthly voyage.

  Scorpio is known for its key phrase "Sex and Death." It's a Fixed Water sign ruled by Pluto and Mars. One of the reasons life is so intense for them is because they reduce everything to black and white. Even seemingly inconsequential matters can take on "if-I'm-not-careful-here-I-might-die" proportions.

  But as a result they get many things done, and done well.

  With the Lord of the Underworld at work crafting events, death and destruction hold a deep fascination with Scorpios, as they can look for 'Scorpionic' ways to express themselves.

  It's OK though. It's only a boy and his toys.

  He's so cute. He'll outgrow it.

Calvin and crash

Calvin and Hoover Dam

Unlike Lucy's psychiatrist in 'Peanuts' though, Calvin is a little more involved in his work, being driven as a real entrepreneur with some strong creative visualization techniques.

  Insurance, loans, credit and mortgages are all part of Scorpio's realm.

Calvin and Insurance polices

  Wrestling our deepest fears within, Calvin often grapples with his inner demons. Both Mars and Pluto represent fear. Calvin is getting ready to fight Fixed Water with Fixed Water.

Calvin and truth

  And finally, we even explore that taboo realm of media's sexual exposure to children. Scorpio calls for it, the editors watch for it, but Calvin manages to slip through anyway with nothing more on than a skimpy negligee.

Calvin and media sex

(to be concalvined)


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