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  Week of October 8th - October 14th,  2010

Pisces Rising

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  The bright star rising in the East shortly after sunset is Jupiter.
Pisces Rising

Pisces Rising

Because it has been in a running conjunction to Uranus, anyone with a good set of binoculars ought to be able to find this distant planet if you know where to look. Because Uranus travels in paths at the other end of our solar system, it's not very bright, as sunlight has to travel out to Uranus and then bounce back to the Earth for us to see it.

  This Jupiter-Uranus conjunction is marking the western Fish of the constellation Pisces, where the Vernal Equinox (Spring) is presently located. Writing during the 4th century AD, "The Mathesis" of Firmicus Maternus stands at the end of a long tradition of stellar observation and gathers in the wisdom of many centuries. It is the last thesis to be written in the west on astrology before the Church begins to condemn such works. As the lights began to fade across Europe, what did the final glimmerings of stellar knowledge have to say about our fishy friend? From Book V,

  "The ascendant in Pisces makes the native talented, intelligent, faithful, friendly. He will be in charge of affairs, but in such a way that he will always be someone's subordinate. Enemies will be easily overcome. Fame will come from some long-continued business; in the course of time he will attain high position and great good fortune, and he will be famous for his many journeys."

  Mr. Maternus then covers the other three angles.

  "If the MC is in Sagittarius, the native will be involved in many mistakes and various kinds of danger. He will be skillful in all confrontations and will have more than moderate conflicts with powerful personalities. Because of a certain individual, he will meet hidden attacks and will lose the whole of what he possessed at first. He will manage other people's affair, and be a firm friend. But he is always driven by visual attraction to sexual promiscuity.


Underwater world

  "If the descendant is in Virgo, the native will be prudent and will furnish subsistence for foreigners. He will be a faithful guardian of secrets, will make many friends by this protection of them, and will attain great riches. His friends will often be ungrateful, but he will be tied with bonds of love to his wife, though she herself will often be ungrateful to him. He will suffer severe grief through misfortune of wife and children.

  "The IMC in Gemini indicates hidden pains, weakness, and great ill fortune. But good luck will come later, and what is lost will be returned in a sudden discovery of riches, so that he will possess resources which fulfill all his needs, and death will come to him in old age on a journey. But in this the ruler of the chart must be consulted.

  "Some readers may think that these are just general remarks, but there is real substance in them."

  This is the Mutable Grand Cross on the angles. Because many readers are born of northern latitudes, you should double-check your chart to see if the MC and IMC (IC) match the above. The ascendant-descendant axis would remain as shown.

  What we have been discussing here is observational astrology, the constellations, not the signs. Time was when signs and constellations were one and the same, but no longer. In symbolic terms, the stars of the Fish have been consumed by the sign of the Ram.


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