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  Week of September 3rd - September 9th,  2010

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  We are on the edge of ending an Age.

Made in the USA

Made in the USA

  There's a new vibration that's coming into being. There's an old vibration that's going out the door. Those that simply narrow their focus to the Winter Solstice of 2012 will miss the overall picture, not seeing the forest for the trees. According to their calendar, the Aztecs believed that their world would end on One Reed. Cortez did indeed land on One Reed, marking the return of Quetzalcoatl as they had correctly predicted. The world did not collapse on that day, but it did mark the beginning of their end as a civilization.

  The same will be true for 2012.

  The Age of Pisces is winding down now. It's the abrupt decliine of the housing market. It's the economy beginning to crumble and the double-dip recession. It's a health care system that's set up to put a serious dent in your savings when you become old and frail and can't make payments. Many have lost their homes as a result in this manner. It's an educational system that forces teachers to pass requirements they are never going to use, together with a lowering of student's academic standards. It's a society that goes to war to feed the oil and arms industry, murdering innoncent civilians, together with their Bechtel support groups, while the populace sits at home watching deodorant and drug commercials. It's a media that tells you to keep out of the Sun, while they sell infants vitamin D capsules.

  For the past two thousand years, as we have moved through the Age of Pisces, divinity has taken a step backwards and allowed 'man' to run the show, on his own recognizance. While there has continued to be oversight, there has been little intervention. Man's inhumanity to man has been allowed to continue unabated, while we sit at home watching our favorite serial (killer?) or sports game, undistracted by events going on thousands of miles away, buffered by millions of gallons of ocean on either shore.

  We are witnessing an increase in storms, hurricanes and volcanic activity that has only just begun. Personal research suggests this deals with changes in the internal core of the Earth, and not from the Al Gore scenario vis-a-vis environmental impact as a result of industrial pollution. Intuitive research, combined with the warnings of ancient myths from various cultures, suggest that we will pass through major changes 'in the course of a day'. We have seen glimpses of this in the way in which the Icelandic volcano shut down European commerce instantaneously, and of how the ph balance in the Gulf was changed overnight.

Catagory Four Storm

Catagory Four Storm

  Raise your hands all those who really believe that BP is going to hang around until the entire situation is 'fixed'. Deep as they are, their pockets are simply not deep enough.

  According to spirit, it is because of the gulf between the have's and the have-not's that this tension is being generated, with their 'End-Time' scenarios getting ready to play out.

  We've said it before and we'll say it again. If you're sitting around waiting for the Democrats or the environmentalists to fix things, you're whistling Dixie. The system is going to continue, attempting to put band-aids on situations that need a complete overhaul. We're going to keep lumbering forward like this until we hit the wall, and the wall is going to be an environmental catastrophe such as the world has never been seen before, from within or without.

  As the pillars of the old way of doing things continue to crumble, know that they are being replaced by a new way of being. It is not the 'End of the World' as some people feel, it's the end of the world as we have know it. For the last two thousand years, civilization has been the 'fish of the sea' (making you 'fishers' of men), a harvest to be 'milked' for their resources, to help sustain the life-styles of a select few, turning us like an ignorant swimming school into their waiting nets.

  It will be replaced by a time when the people will work together with Divinity, making it a better world for all, rather than using the bottom line as our guiding star.


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