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  Week of August 20th - August 26th,  2010

Play it again, Sam

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  This WEBWeek, the Sun is coming through and igniting the positions of the Cardinal T-Square once again.

The Sun

Both Star and mythological archetype
make the rounds this week.

  Early Friday morning (8/20), it opposes Neptune, on Saturday, it opposes Chiron, on Sunday, it's an inconjunct to Uranus. On Monday it enters Virgo, on Tuesday it opposes the Moon (Full Moon) and inconjuncts Jupiter, and finally on Thursday, it trines the Sun. On top of this, Mercury pivots and goes retrograde on the 20th, and Saturn squares Pluto early Saturday morning.

  What all this mumbo-jumbo means is that the conditions we have been dealing with through mid-summer are being activated once again. If you have been struggling with difficult issues that are re-framing your entire life, then you are feeling the influences of this alignment. The end and beginning degrees are the ones most feeling it now. Neptune is at 27 Aquarius, Chiron 28. Uranus is 29 Pisces, while Jupiter is 1 Aries and Pluto at 2 Capricorn. The Sun moves at about a degree a day and that is why we're having one aspect right after another.

  The powerhouse of this combo is the Saturn Pluto square, agitated by Mercury changing direction the evening before. It is likely that we have many things that need to be accomplished, but the plan keeps changing right in the middle of having to deal with it. Saturn rules our bones and skeletal system. This cuts to our marrow. Pluto is also a very concentrated energy and can represent the seed of life itself. With these two squaring each other, our resources are limited, restrictions are devastating, time is short and our very existence may be at stake. At least it feels that way.

skeletal system

Saturn rules the skeletal system

  But these themes are like an orchestral fanfare. Each plays it's note at the appropriate time, making for, in this case, a cacophony of noise.

  The Sun represents our action, our center. It's how we handle things, what we do. The Sun Neptune opposition tests our sensitivities to others. They have boundaries, so do we. Where are the shades of grey? This one will help you to hone your abilities.

  The Solar opposition to Chiron also tests problematic areas, where pockets of emotional memories are stored. Someone shines a light on what ails us. Handled well, we move towards healing the issue. Handled poorly drives the issue deeper.

  Our nervous systems buzz as we move through the day Sunday. We can blow out bulbs, crash computers or foul up printers. Change is not appreciated, but happens anyway. Don't expect people to play by the rules. Late afternoon and early evening are nuts.

  Tuesday is the next kicker, as the Sun inconjuncts Jupiter. Too big a deal is being made of the situation. It's neither as high or as low as people insist. The media may suggest specific outcomes, but such is not the case. Finally, late Wednesday and into Thursday the Sun triggers the Saturn Pluto square. We figure out a creative way to deal wit some of the fiscal hardships that have been thrown at us, or at least part of it.

  This is one more component of what we have already been dealing with this summer. If you're not experiencing much, I'll bet you don't have either very early or very late degrees. We are being asked to work with the changes, to try something new. We are the people we've been waiting for.

  Let's see what we can do.


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