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  Week of August 6th - August 12th,  2010

The Cardinal T-Square, For Real

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  All year long astrologers have been looking ahead to summer and the Cardinal T-Square of 2010. The idea was that with 2012 just around the corner, it would be entirely possible that celestial highlights would culminate in some dynamic new directions.

Russian heat wave

Is the Earth heating up?

  When you get a number of outer planets (those farther from the Sun) converging together it makes for a period of dynamic change. We have been watching it for weeks, pointing out the hot spots, and sitting back and watching things unfold. It's similar to whitewater rafting. There are a number of very hard rocks, located just below the surface of a swiftly moving stream. You don't want to hit one. Whenever outer planets align it makes for a heightened period of activity. I think it was possibly the 'flash' of the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction entering Aries that most caught people's attention. Exciting change in a series of new adventures, going where no New Age man has gone before! But opposing Saturn in Libra and squaring Pluto in Capricorn?

  These new changes may have to be hard won.

  So now, as we sit back in Hindsight's easy chair, let's take a review of some of what the Earth has experienced in the last three weeks.

  The heat wave and fires of Southern California started us off on the 13th, only to be overshadowed by a heat wave in Russia at the same time that broke 70 year-old records. Russia was looking at the longest drought in a hundred years.

  On the 21st there was the Chinese oil spill into the Yellow Sea when two pipe lines exploded. The Chinese governments claims it was 400,000 gallons that were spilled, while Greenpeace thinks a million gallons is closer to the mark. But before we go pointing patriotic fingers, five days later 800,000 gallons were spilled into the Kalamazoo River in Michigan. Each of these natural disasters were laid against a backdrop of news about the Gulf oil spill and the clean-up efforts there.

Cardinal line up

Into the Yellow Sea.

  The end of July and the beginning of August saw the worst flooding in Pakistani history, with over four million people being affected. On the 30th of July it was reported that the Palmdale fires had taken 13,000 acres in Southern California. Through the first week in August, the South has been going through temperature extremes with three different cities breaking heat records today alone. Kentucky reported that it was the worst heat they had felt in 60 years.

  Conditions are accelerating. What we are seeing is the crumbling of an old way of being. We stand at the tail-end of a period of social evolution, and at the beginning of a new way of thinking. Among others, fossil fuel is on its way out.

  Look around you. The world is changing.

  We should not fear these changes, for they are something needed for the health of the planet. They will, however, represent change, and not everyone is happy with that concept. How we treat each other, and how we begin to deal with localized conditions ourselves is part of the process. It's time to think outside of the box. Like the waves of a changing tide, there power is growing, but it has not yet creasted. We are still far too entrenched in the old system, the old economic harness.

  The Earth's inner dynamo is beginning to swing into gear.

  So is ours.


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