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  Week of July 30th - August 5th,  2010

Mars enters the Fray

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  Now things begin to get interesting. On Thursday, July 29th Mars entered Libra. This week it joins the Cardinal T-Square and begins to make some powerful alignments, raising the ante and making things more belligerent or more defensive depending on how you look at it.

Military intervention

Military Intervention
Enter Mars, stage right.

  Mars is the archetypal guardian. He comes to our defensive when we need him, protecting us from perceived enemies. It is a fiery, forceful, straight-ahead mentality, capitalizing on do-or-die efforts in superlative feats of bravery or cowardice.

  Mars entering Libra is a combination of both good and bad news. The good news is that this can represent a champion (Mars) of justice (Libra); one who fights for liberty, civil rights and an even-playing field. But Mars is said to be in its detriment in Libra, being as far away from it's home sign as it can be (it rules Aries). Mars in Libra can represent people who push their own particular brand of justice on others. Truth and balance need no forcing. If properly aligned, they slide easily into place, assuming a natural fit. Mars is the planet of personal strength and fortitude. It is an army of one. Libra on the other hand is balance and justice for everybody.

  Do you realize how many bodies are out there? Individual prowess begins to be worn down quickly after you get to the second, third, fifth and four hundred and seventy-fifth martial contest. A poor boy could get pretty pooped being champion to so many in distress.

  But all of this represents just the Mars sign shift (Virgo to Libra). The planet's energy is really triggered as Mars makes aspects to other planets, in this case to all the planets currently aligned with the Cardinal T-Square everybody's been talking about. Here's the list:

  On Friday morning at 5:03 Mars contraparallels Neptune and then at 9:30 opposes Uranus. Friday afternoon the Moon enters Aries and triggers each of these players by midnight.

Cardinal line up

Note the Moon, at top of chart
having come through the evening before
setting everything off

  On Saturday morning, Mars conjuncts Saturn (possibly the most powerful of our individual alignments) at 4:07. Then, at 4:41 PM it contraparallels Mercury. Early Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, shortly after midnight (which means we'll really feel it late Monday and Tuesday evenings), Jupiter will square Pluto (again) at 1:22 AM (Tues.), and Mars will oppose Jupiter and square Pluto at 0:19 and 0:58 AM (Wed.)

  All this represents a huge surge of power, unleashed on the media. We have the USS George Washington poised off the coast of North Korea (together with its allied flotilla), and events have been heating up in Afghanistan lately, both on the domestic and foreign fronts. Mars conjuncting Saturn represents a hard, difficult foray. It's like trying to run (Mars) up a mountain (Saturn) double-time. With Jupiter and Uranus opposing Mars, the adversarial response will be surprising. Squaring Pluto simply says that the entire encounter may be more costly than anyone expected.

  The problem with Mars is that it can represent a knee-jerk, impulsive, leap-before-you-look strategy. It's a hair-trigger energy that is difficult to control and even more difficult to correct once out of its box.


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