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  Week of July 23rd - July 29th,  2010

In Tune with Mother Nature

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  Astrologers have been looking toward the Grand Cardinal Cross that would be occurring during the summer of 2010 for years now, anticipating the power and force of this combination, and wondering just how it would manifest.

Aquarian Full Moon

Notice the planets at zero
and three degrees

  We now have front row seats to watch some of these elements transpire, as some of them are scheduled to unfold this week.

  Since April 20th, the day Chiron first entered Pisces and the day the BP Oil Rig erupted in flames, we have been involved in an intense media scrutiny of events in the Gulf off the coast of Louisiana. Chiron is a comet/planetoid/asteroid that shares an orbit in the range of Saturn and Uranus, his mythological father and grandfather respectively. He is known as the wounded healer and comes by his wisdom through a combination of experience and pain. This is both a hard and deep teaching. Anytime a planet enters a new sign, it must cross zero degrees, the inception degree, and it often manifests as a powerful new rush of energy, like an artesian well bursting forth from the ground. Since Chiron entered Pisces, the sign of the ocean, we have a wounded ocean, in need of some serious healing. Since Chiron has an orbital period of 50.76 years, this is not something that repeats itself every day.

  This week various elements of this alignment are being triggered, just as a tropical storm bears down on the site.

Tropical Storm Bonnie

Bonnie's projected path

  We have been watching various components of this alignment as they make aspects to each other, and this week they get in line as first one and then another vies for attention.

  Jupiter and Uranus now lie in the opening degrees of Aries, suggesting raw power and bold new initiatives. We are entering uncharted waters, a new cycle of creation. On Friday, July 23rd Jupiter pivots, beginning its retrograde motion. Since Jupiter is the media, there will be ample coverage of what is about to transpire, and we will get to watch it all blossom in living color.

  Early Sunday morning (EDT, late Saturday night CDT, MDT and PDT), Jupiter will square Pluto, suggesting a huge loss of resources. Jupiter tends to aggrandize, to blow things out of proportion with the results being magnified. Pluto, of course, represents the termination of what has gone before.

  On Sunday evening, Mother Nature makes some of her strongest statements as the Full Moon flushes each of these alignments, together with those that will become exact on Monday as well. Astronomically speaking, a Full Moon is when the three most important bodies in our solar system align; the Sun, the Moon and the Earth. Because they are aligning, the gravitational pull on the planet is dramatically increased as pressure is put on the seams, potentially stretching them to the breaking point.

Planet Earth

Planet Earth

  On Monday, one of the basic outer planet line-ups of our Cardinal Grand Cross occurs as Saturn opposes Uranus. Because these two giants lie further from the Sun, then have been forming an opposition for some time, but this is when they become exact. As many WEBHeads have heard over and over through the years, as these alignments become exact they build into their power. Complimenting these alignments on Monday, the Sun will inconjunct Pluto and Mars will inconjunct Neptune.

  Finally, as we move through the middle of the week things begin to slow somewhat, but they're not over. Early Wednesday morning Mercury will inconjunct Uranus, and early Thursday morning Mars inconjuncts Chiron, our wounded healer again. The former will represent some mis-information, either that is being told to us at that time or that was being corrected from before. The latter is likely to aggravate the wound.

  While many hope that these conditions will simply 'go away', it is important that the planet move through both these, and the conditions to come in the following years. It is time to come to terms with our nasty social habits, and it should be clear to most folks that the environmentalists aren't going to do it, and the Democrats aren't going to do it.

  Mother Nature will take care of it herself, as she seeks to re-align that which has gotten out of balance.

  Goddess Bless us, every one.


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