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  Week of July 16th - July 22nd,  2010

Finger of God

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  A Yod in a chart is a line-up of planets sometimes called the 'Finger of God'. Basically, it is a 'Y' configuration with planets at each of the three ends of the 'Y'. Geometrically speaking two or more planets are 150 degrees from the base of the 'Y'. Split down the middle, this gives the alignment a symmetry and balance that they would otherwise not have.

Saturn Chiron Inconjunct

Chiron and Neptune are on top
with the Sun and Saturn down below.

  Another way of looking at this were as if we were holding a dowsing rod, with our two hands holding the top branches of the 'Y', with the projecting end dowsing for the water or whatever else you were looking for. It is this end that is thought to be the 'finger' of God, divinely leading us through forces that we cannot see and barely understand. For those unfamiliar with the tool and lacking in experience, the device looks simply like another stick. But for those who know how to use it, answers can be perceived that reach beyond the five senses.

  The core of this alignment is the Saturn Chiron inconjunct, which will be exact at 1:12 AM, early Wednesday morning with Chiron having just retrograded back into Aquarius the day before, just as Saturn is getting ready to leave Virgo and enter Libra. That means that this alignment is about as late in the two signs by degrees as you can get. Chiron in Aquarius and Saturn in Virgo are at 29 degrees and 58 minutes out of a possible 29 degrees and 59 minutes. Twenty-nine degrees and 60 minutes translates to zero degrees and zero minutes of the next sign. It's where the counter re-sets itself and a new vibration begins to come into play.

  Once again, the outer planets are playing from tail-end energies. We are witnessing a system, structure or way of life that is coming to completion. There is a strain, coming from within, that is putting pressure on the seams of our Creation. This will manifest for most of us in personal ways, but it will also be seen on the national and international levels.

Gulf Oil spill

Battling the Elements

  When Chiron entered zero degrees of Pisces last April 20th, that was the day that the Gulf oil rig burst into flames and led to the disaster that we have all become too familiar with. Early Tuesday morning, July 20th, Chiron returns to that position and the next day we have the Yod. Indeed, not only is Chiron at zero degrees of Pisces, the sign of the ocean, but Neptune, the Lord of the Ocean is conjuncting it during this configuration. Are we about to come full circle with our message from on high? Indeed, what is the message that the Gulf is now attempting to communicate to us? Different people look at this disaster and have different conclusions as to what it means for our future.

  The Sun is the inner 'planet' (astrologers generally refer to the Sun and Moon as two or our visible seven 'planets'. From this sequence comes the names of our seven days of the week) that will be setting off this alignment, inconjuncting Neptune on Tuesday, and Chiron on Thursday.

  To me, these alignments suggest, as we have been saying over the last few weeks, that a way of life is coming to an end, preparing us for a new way of being. Oil and all its tributaries have been exploited at the expense of our children and the future. It is possible to look within and find the symmetry of this configuration, but it will be like dancing in the eye of the storm as it swirls in all its fury around us.


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