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Week of July 2nd - July 8th, 2010

Made in the USA

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Made in the USA

  This nation was 'born' on the 4th of July, 1776 in Philadelphia, PA, the city of brotherly love. This means that our Sun Sign is in Cancer, the position of family, home and personal memories.

  The Sun in anyone's chart deals with their focus, their life force and divine essence. It is what we pay attention to and is the center around which we gather. The Sun is our inner fire, the heartbeat of the body, be it individual or country.

  But the US has more than simply the Sun in Cancer (13 degrees). Venus and Jupiter are at 3 and 5 degrees, and Mercury brings up the rear at 24 degrees of Cancer. The conjunction of Venus and Jupiter make this a bountiful land, full of hope and promise for all. There's an abundance of resources here, from the rivers and streams that criss-cross the nation, to the forests, plains and mineralogical veins that lay buried beneath the surface. Although Cancer is a water sign, it also rules the land, our homes and the importance of family. Mercury in Cancer helps us to think and work on these issues, figuring out ways to better harvest of agricultural cornucopia, from inventing new machinery to the opening of foreign markets for our wares.

  But we're something of a dysfunctional family. Cancer is ruled by the Moon, and wherever the Moon falls in the US chart, its influence is stronger because we have so many planets in this sign. It turns out our Moon is in Aquarius, which makes this the land (Moon) of the free (Aquarius), filled with backyard inventors and an educated populace. Our early history is famous for its schools, libraries, colleges and universities. This experiment in democracy anticipated a literate public, savvy to the nation's laws and intentions. This Moon in Aquarius is part of a wide inconjunct to our Mercury in Cancer, and the public mood is not always in favor of the commercial enterprises that we undertake as a nation.

Silent Spring

September, 1962

  As Pluto rocks back and forth through the early degrees of Capricorn (currently retrograding at 3 degrees), it is opposing our Venus and Jupiter, and we are watching as a huge portion of our watery resources (the Gulf of Mexico) are being squandered. Although a number of people in the public have been attuned to the environment ever since Rachel Carson wrote Silent Spring in September of '62, it was during the 70's that the environmental movement began to really take off.

  As disastrous as the Gulf fiasco is, it is precisely this sort of event that is needed to awaken the public to the dangers of the path we have taken. There is no reason that we cannot have proceeded to explore a number of energy alternatives, except that those who control the oil, gas and coal industries have focused the public behind these resources in order to extend their profits. We take pride in our capitalistic system, boasting that it is the best in the world. But this system is not one that is based on the collective betterment of the people, it is based upon the individual accumulation of wealth. In other words, it is based on greed; and greed is not a good guiding star.

  Although it has come at a terrible cost, this disaster is beginning to make in-roads into our national awareness, and more people are beginning to realize the value of what we have. Like Joni said,

  "You don't know what you've got 'til its gone."


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