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Week of June 18th - June 24th, 2009

World Cup

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  On Friday June 11, 2010 at 14:00 South African time in Johannesburg, the World Cup officially got underway.

FIFA World Cup logo

Say hello to Africa

The celestial map for this moment highlights our Jupiter Uranus conjunction in zero degrees of Aries. The entire world is coming together to honor an international sporting event watched by more people around the globe than any other at any time, putting it on a comparitive footing with its closest contender, the Olympics. Occurring only every four years, the World Cup begins a drawn out qualifying process that began in 2007 and represents 204 out of the 208 FIFA national teams. It's the first time ever an African nation has played host to the conference, drawing the world's attention to this often overlooked corner of the planet. The intonation of the controversial vuvuzelas at the games resonates in an auditory mantra, with prayers for their national team in the offering. The strength of this Uranian energy is providing clues to the coming epoch, and the potential for world wide cooperation, communication and fun. We are looking through a lens into the future.

2006 World Cup winners- Italy

2006 World Cup winners, Italy

  This competition is unlike the pretentious World Series, which crosses absolutely no borders, nor the epic Super Bowl, which falls victim to the same charge. The World Cup is truly an international competition, leveling the playing field by making collective skill the qualifying ingredient, not moral, political, geographical or social criteria. Uranus rules Aquarius. With this Jupiter Uranus conjunction, we are seeing some of the potential seeds of our future, of what the world can be. Jupiter places events in the media, and instantly (Uranus) it's broadcast around the world.

  But Uranus is also the planet of the unexpected, of surprises and bolts from out of the blue. It ain't over until the Teutonic groß Mutter sings. We are likely to see old dynasties crumbing. Serbia has already defeated Germany in the initial round, and Mexico, which has never defeated a former World Cup winner before in their soccer history, defeated France. A new Age calls for a new leader, one that has not traditionally been thought of in that role before.

  The chart for the moment of the opening ceremonies suggests injuries will be one of the wild cards that helps to realign the scoring equation, but because this alignment is taking place at zero degrees (on the 11th, Jupiter and Uranus were a third of a degree apart), the level of individual prowess will be superlative. Individual names and personalities may vie with the gods on their native soil. Legends are being created and will long be remembered.

  This is the cutting edge.

Brazilian World Cup fan

Brazilian World Cup fan

  The officiating will be tough, and in many instances we will know, with electronic playback, that many of the calls will be simply wrong. This derives from Saturn's placement in the 12th house, inconjuncting Neptune. Also, the lack of sensitivity to the nation's poor and homeless has been a complaint, with monies normally earmarked for these groups being re-directed to improvement of the airports and urban beautification. Thousands of skackdwellers are being moved out of the city, out of sight of the visiting tourists and the highways.

  However, when all is said and done regarding overall Cup performance, most will leave happy (Neptune in Aquarius trinning the Ascendant). There are likely to be some extremely controversial calls in the final match, decisions that may fatally effect the outcome of the game (Mercury Pluto inconjunct on that day). There may also be stories of someone's thumb on the scales behind the scenes.

  From June 11th until July 11th, this international competition is on. It represents the best, the most qualified, the tried and the tested. For one short month, the world is brought together in a celebration that is truly universal. It's a single sport, a single language that, for those that choose to, we can communicate as one together.


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