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Week of June 4th - Jun 10th, 2010

Uranus in Aries II

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Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart

  Last week we examined a few of Uranus in Aries manifestations through its last couple of cycles. It takes this outer gaesous giant 84.1 Earth years to make one revolution in its orbit about the Sun. During that time, Uranus stays in each sign (or constellation) of the zodiac for about seven years.

  In it's last transit, Uranus first entered Aries on March 31, 1927 and then left on March 27, 1935. During that time, we saw how Uranus in Aries produced eccentric, dynamic and distinctive individualists whose daring deeds captured the popular imagination. As Uranus moved into Aries, Charles Lindbergh braved the Atlantic, and one year later Amelia Earhart mastered the same. Stalin, Hitler, Franco and Mussolini were all on-stage through these times. With Uranus in Aries, elite or volunteer armies were part of the picture, from the lightning-like advances of the Japanese along the Manchurian Railroad in September, 1931 to the travesity of America's Bonus Army through the summer of '32. Neither worked with authority well. The Japanese civilian government was thrown into disarray by the massive act of insubordination on the part of its army, while President Hoover ordered the nation's military to attack our own veterans of World War I, the Spanish-American War and even the Civil War. Another electric figure of the times, Major General Smedley Butler, supported and encouraged 'the troops' awaiting word from Congress.

  In sharp contrast to these bizarre events, The Pact of Paris (the Kellogg-Briand Pact) was signed in 1928. It was an international treaty that prohibited use of war as an act of national policy, except in cases of self-defense. It was part of a determined 'peace effort' to keep America out of the complex web of European military alliances. Too many American mothers had lost their sons too recently in a European disagreement. This, together with the Netrality Acts of 1935 were part of a movement designed to help keep us out of any future wars.

Civilian Conservation Corps

Civilian Conservation Corps.

  German U-boat attacks along the Atlantic sea coast together with the attack on Pearl Harbor later repealed this legislation in 1941.

Huey Long

Gov. Huey Long

  Uranus provides the full spectrum of its involvement, from technological master to peaceful mentor. In 1927 television was invented, later patented in 1930. One cycle earlier (1843-1851), Morse Code and the telegraph, together with the sewing machine were marketed as new, pioneering (Aries) technologies (Uranus).

  New (Aries) social programs (Uranus) were conjured in an effort to quell the despair of the Depression. This was the New Deal (Aries). The Public Works Administration, the Agricultrual Adjustment Act, Civil Works Administration, Civilian Conservation Corps, Farm Credit Administration, the Home Owners Loan Corporation and even the Tennessee Valley Authority (in an area particularly hit hard by the Depression) were all created to combat poverty and joblessness. This 'New Deal' put America back to work.

  There were even those who pionerred a 'Share the Wealth' program, proposing redistribution of the general welfare so as to curb the poverty and crime of the Great Depression. Gov. Huey Long was charismatic and immensely popular for his social reform programs.


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