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Week of May 21st - May 27th, 2010

Jupiter and Saturn

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  This Sunday at 1:36 AM EDT, Jupiter will oppose Saturn in the heavens. This is an outer planet alignment (further from the Sun), and therefore we don't see it very often. The Saturn-Jupiter conjunction is about every twenty years, and so one might conclude that the opposition must be about the same interval.



  Jupiter and Saturn are the outermost visible planets, and so their interaction was carefully monitored by skywatchers of the past as a long range chronometer. Five conjunctions between these two planets worked out to a century. This 'hour hand' of Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions was known as the 'Great Chronocrators'. Each time Saturn and Jupiter make one of these alignments, they were thought to represent an ingress of new social energies, together with political and environmental change. At one time dynasties, kings and princes came into play as overlords, but under later conjunctions new philosophical trends begin to fall into place, paving the way for social transition.

  Because we are examining the opposition rather than the inception (conjunction), we should now be going through the culmination of events that were being planted in the year 2000, the last time Saturn and Jupiter initiated this cycle. Among other things, that would be the Bush-Gore presidential election, the follow up office to the eight-year Clinton administration and it's balanced national budget.

  Naturally, we're seeing the results of the deregulation of federal oversights and the consequences of those choices on the environment.

  For millennia, the alignment of these two planets has been regarded as a significator of great social, economic and political watersheds - historic turning points, if you will.

  Like any opposition, this one deals with a polarization of forces, of people lining up left and right, pro and con or Republican and Democrat, attempting to find the path of peace that lies somewhere in the middle.

  What we should see is the results of that choice coming into full flower at this time, as we see the blossom rather than simply the seed, together with all its social consequences.



  Jupiter in an opposition to Saturn signals two very different forces trying to reconcile each other. Those with planets in the late degrees will feel this pull the most. Jupiter is a Fire Lord, full of piss and vinegar. They want to go, do, expand and travel. Broadening their horizons and taking in the big picture are what Jupiter's offspring are all about.

  Saturn likes to put a lid on things and keep them contained. They build fences and walls. They deal with reality. "Never trouble trouble until trouble troubles you" was both pondered and proffered by Saturn's child.

  Jupiter expands, Saturn contracts.

  Jupiter pushes, Saturn pulls.

  So what does it mean to contract expansion?

  You consolidate your opportunities; you narrow your focus and make matters manifest. You put your shoulder to the wheel and keep at it, especially when the going gets tough (and the tough get...). Obstacles may be in your way, but part of the lesson of Saturn is to learn how to overcome material, heavy, sense-deadening obstacles. Give it time.


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