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Week of May 7th - May 13th, 2010

Forest for the Trees

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  It all began a little after 2:30 PM on Thursday, May 6th. Fifteen minutes later, it was over.

Two Mercury's

Mercury rules Wall Street

  The market dropped over a thousand points, just like that. The lightning-like plummet sent chills down the backs of investors.

  The larger picture is that this is part of the end of an Age. The old system is crumbling all around us. Systems that have remained stable now begin to fold their cards. The earthquakes seem like they're almost weekly, Europe is shut down in a day, the Gulf is filling up with oil, and the market plummets.

  It's not business as usual anymore. Put your finger in the breeze.

  On the generic level, the three outer planets (Neptune in Aquarius, Uranus in Pisces and Saturn in Virgo) at the end of their respective signs are cleaning out the debris, knocking antiquated systems on their can. Physics teaches us that energy is never really destroyed, it merely changes form. As the waters of Pisces recede, holding on to the attributes of the old system becomes a dismal prospect for the future. It doesn't give one much to look forward to. But on the flip side, those things that are of an Aquarian nature are part of the in-coming tide, and are growing stronger. This is why the prices of computers, computer technology and world wide electronic grids are on the rise. This is the information gathering Age on its way in. Isn't that where you'd like to plant your seeds?

  We will increasingly find that the government is not equipped to handle what is about to happen on the national or international levels. Our answers will rather be found in local, coordinated, community actions.

  We're the people we've been waiting for.

  Moving down to a more focused level, progressed Mercury contraparalleled the US natal Pluto, exact on the 6th. We have been monitoring the US Pluto since 2007, watching for the anticipated housing market hit. Pluto deals with the nation's banking industry (in the 2nd house), while Mercury is the Roman Lord of the Merchant, Lord of the Market. The historical pattern suggests that this was not a random event.

US Pluto

Pluto in the 2nd house
of the US chart

  This key's us into an upcoming pattern of activity to aspects on June 26th and July 3rd, when the uncertainty about the market will be demonstrated and flushed once again.

  What is sad about all this is that according to the stars these are not simply the ebb and flow of a normal market, but rather, this is all being controlled and run from the top, in the hopes of generating greater profits, regardless of the cost in human suffering.

  What's not being counted on is the environmental hiccup that is getting ready to occur, knocking the old system on its collective derriere. We're seeing evidence of it in the acceleration of events everywhere. At the international level, there are already plans being implemented to wear down the economic system and replace with one more to their liking. Europe has already done this with the Euro, the US is now seeking to implement its own, new and improved currency, known as the Amero. Mexico, the US and Canada would all share in its coverage area.

  But it's all a manipulated, for profit scheme.


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