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Week of April 30th - May 6th, 2010

Wall Street Blues

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  This Sunday, May 2nd at 10:22 PM, Saturn will inconjunct Neptune for the second time in a series of three. They first aligned on September 12th, 2009, will align on Sunday, May 2nd, and finally on June 27th, 2010. Both Saturn and Neptune lie at the other end of the solar system. If you start with the Sun (which we mathematically do) after you bypass Mercury, Venus, the Earth, asteroid belt, Mars and Jupiter you finally come to Saturn, the outermost of the visible planets. Neptune's even further. They're out there, which means that they don't move (fall) very fast (around the Sun).

Wall Street angle

Wall Street angle

  Saturn represents the structure of our lives. In the body it is our skeletal system which both limits and reinforces us. In society it's the government, with laws and rules that protect or frustrate us. Saturn also rules the winter when it gets cold and we start to constrict. We insulate and protect our doors and windows, wrapping them up and tightening them down.

  Neptune deals with our deeper emotions. It is a watery realm wherein logic has little say. It's our dreams, visions and fantasies. When Saturn inconjuncts (a hard aspect) Neptune, we find ourselves in doubt, questioning the very fundamentals of our faith. Terrestrially, this can be a time of uncertainty and confusion.

  When Saturn first inconjuncted Neptune last September, the Democratic party was questioning the President's role in Afghanistan, expressing collective skepticism for a vision which was losing public support as conditions deteriorated. From the NYT, September 11, 2009:

  "The comments by the senator, Carl Levin, a Michigan Democrat who is the chairman of the Armed Services Committee, illustrate the growing skepticism President Obama is facing in his own party as the White House decides whether to commit more deeply to a war that has begun losing public support, even as American commanders acknowledge that the situation on the ground has deteriorated."

  On the financial front too there were grave doubts, as we looked back on a year of duplicity. These same themes are being triggered once again, under this, the second of the two celestial passes. From the NYT, September 12, 2009.

  "One year after the collapse of Lehman Brothers, the surprise is not how much has changed in the financial industry, but how little.

  "Backstopped by huge federal guarantees, the biggest banks have restructured only around the edges. Employment in the industry has fallen just 8 percent since last September. Only a handful of big hedge funds have closed. Pay is already returning to precrash levels, topped by the 30,000 employees of Goldman Sachs, who are on track to earn an average of $700,000 this year. Nor are major pay cuts likely, according to a report last week from J.P. Morgan Securities. Executives at most big banks have kept their jobs. Financial stocks have soared since their winter lows.

Wall Street towers

Giants of the Financial Industry
Too big to fail?

  "The Obama administration has proposed regulatory changes, but even their backers say they face a difficult road in Congress. For now, banks still sell and trade unregulated derivatives, despite their role in last fall’s chaos. Radical changes like pay caps or restrictions on bank size face overwhelming resistance. Even minor changes, like requiring banks to disclose more about the derivatives they own, are far from certain."

  One celestial interpretation would suggest that these are out-moded realities, getting ready to be swept clean. From Solar Fire, version 5:

  "Areas of your life you thought were ideal start to crumble, and if you're not careful this could undermine your self-esteem. There is no need to be self-critical. It is simply that some areas of your life need to be dissolved so that you can take a new direction."

  The war in Afghanistan and the financial industry need to be dissolved??

  We are in the midst of powerful transformations, on the personal, political and planetary levels. Saturn and Neptune are making this alignment in the 28th degree of their respective signs (Virgo and Aquarius); right at the end, 28 out of a possible thirty. It's dealing with institutions that are already outmoded; they may not know it yet. People have lost faith with the system. There's not a lot of choice out there right now. As these planets release their grip on each other and start to travel forward over the early degrees of their respective new signs (Libra and Pisces), we will begin to glimpse a few of the sprouts of the future.

  Myths call for the end of the Age to be a time of seismic activity as the Earth itself seeks to readjust after an extended period of dormancy. The cracks are becoming more apparent to the mainstream. There are cracks in Haiti, Chile, Mexico, California, China and Iceland, and now there are cracks in the Gulf of Mexico.

  The old system is beginning to crumble.

  As Pisces wanes, folks are beginning to wake up to the world they live in and how it is run. As Aquarius dawns, the reality is coming to light. Freedom of information, knowledge, and the sharing of truth are on the increase. The internet is but one child of this logic. As the Aquarian stream rises it will flush outmoded, self-serving ways like so much flotsam. Those who control one of the most important aspects on the life we lead have, at their heart, greed as their guiding star. An average of $700,000 a year indeed.

  Is this what we choose for ourselves?

  We are in the midst of seeing the second wave wash back over us, as doubt begins to undermine institutions we have relied on as our strength for a long, long time.


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