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Week of April 16th - April 22nd, 2010

Fire and Ice

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  First there was Haiti. Next came Argentina followed by Mexico, Davis, California, and now Iceland.


Iclandic Plume

  Can you feel the Earth's drumbeat yet. The signs are there. It's already begun. Iceland lies on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, the highly volatile boundary between the Eurasian and North American continental plates. One month ago, on March 20th, there was eruption beneath the glacier. This time the volcano began erupting on Wednesday, April 14th for the second time in a month, hurling a huge plume of ask seven miles into the sky. Beyond that, there was an eruption in 1821 that continued for two years.

European airports closed

Airports closed

  Now we could look at the building Saturn Uranus opposition, with the planet of solid structures (Saturn) being polarized with the planet of structure breakers (Uranus). We are experiencing change at a fundamental level.

  But more than that, this is the Age beginning to wind down. The Mayans say that the current Age will end in earthquake, while the Bible states that in these days we will experience an earthquake such as the World has never before known.

  Many have tried to point their finger at environmental pollution, but the spiritual suspicion is that the Earth is simply getting ready to change from within. It's not something we have done to Her, it's simply her need to 'roll over' and find a more comfortable position.

  We are not that powerful.

  The country had to bail out the banks to 'save the system'.

  These are part of a series of myths which speak of the same thing; the changes we will face as Pisces transitions into Aquarius.

  Here's the skinny.

  We have deeply invested ourselves in a system who focus is financial gain, and it is simply too deeply entrenched to root out. As one example, the Anti-Imperialist League was formed in the late 19th century to educate the American populace to the horrors of the Philippine resistance. After the play was over and everyone had thrown in their cards, the issue drew to a close not because an enlightened electorate came to the aid of these indigenous peoples, but because their will had simply been crushed and broken.


Plume over Europe

  There's been little that really gotten through on the 'voice vote' of the people. Legend has it that popular consensus will not be what saves the day, but rather that there will be a natural event which turns the system on its ear, when we really will have a chance to begin again, in a new, original and enlivened manner.

  The changes began some time ago. We can anticipate more of the same. Earthquakes and volcanic activity are on the increase. These are the harbingers who herald a new dawn, a new epoch. Part of the trick is not to be surprised, but to help the process along, to be a mid-wife to the birth of the New Age. If that means opening your home up to let some of these travellers have a place to stay while they wait to go home, that would be great! Focus on something simple, something that helps lift the burden of those who are caught in the whirlwinds.

  We are likely to see more volcanic dust in the air for some time. Air travel may not be as regular, or as cheap as before.

  Mama's got a brand new bag.


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