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Week of April 9th - April 15th, 2010

Pluto in Capricorn again

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  In 2007 we saw Pluto getting ready to leave Sagittarius and enter Capricorn. Like a good celestial sleuth, Athena did her homework and studied the nature of this alignment, an alignment which is in the birth chart of the United States of America. When this country was born in 1776, Pluto was in Capricorn, leaving that sign in 1778. Since that date, Pluto did not return to Capricorn until 2008, when it caught Athena's eye.

Corporate scandal

Corporate Scandal

  So what does it all mean?

  Through the course of 20 weeks, running intermittently from March to October of 2007, we reviewed history, studying the trend itself (England's corporate and national rise to the big leagues in the late 18th century), and watched what happened as Pluto was both triggered by transiting and progressed planets in the natal map, or as transiting or progressed Pluto made aspects to the natal chart. One way or another, it's all Pluto. You can read it by following the entire series 'The Freedom Trail' simply by clicking on the red, white and blue flag link at the bottom of each article. What we said, as we said it, over and over again, before the bottom fell out of the market.

  The dark lord leaves a trail we can follow by studying history and filtering out all the celestial and written clues it provides for us. While Pluto's nature enjoys the shadows, preferring to remain hidden to the light of day, time and history remain tools we can use to better understand the trend. The trick is in knowing when to look.

  The gist of Pluto in Capricorn was that corporate forces were getting ready to tighten the money supply, withdrawing and calling in credit, so that small homes and businesses would fail, allowing larger corporations to suck up these 'good deals' at the expense of the common laborer and general populace. In academic circles, Milton Freedman, Pulitzer Prize winning economist, has demonstrated that the Depression of the 30's was intentional, orchestrated and pre-meditated.

  Why is it that Americans can understand this in the context of history, but not in the present? Exactly the same thing is happening now, according to the stars. The same pattern is reoccurring. That's why we sent out this warning over and over again in 2007.

  The big banks are again doing the same thing as they did in the 30's, building on the same painful principles. The market 'economic fluctuations', are what's going on, but that not's the whole truth. That these are 'intentionally manipulated economic fluctuations' comes closer to the mark.

  The country had to bail out the banks to 'save the system'.

  They have now harnessed the next couple of generations to pay off this enormous debt. How would you like to receive guaranteed payments for the next 100 years?

Great Depression circa 1936

What price profit?

  A condition of the bail-out was that they extend their lending to the people.

  Never happened.

  Mind you, the bankers got big bonuses.

  BIG bonuses.

  The following is what's been going on in the corporate world. Notice how companies who built their reputations on health and quality have been particularly hit.

  Tom's of Maine was brushed by Colgate. After the Fall and RW Knudsen have been juiced by Smuckers. Back to Nature cereals are now carried by Kraft. Barbara's Bakery has been purchased by Weetabix, Britain's leading cereal company. Burt's Bees has been cleaned out by Clorox.


Burt's Bees?

Cascadian Farms was grabbed by General Mills. Dagoba Chocolates were creamed by Hershey's. Green and Black organic chocolate melted into Schweppes (10th largest North American packaged food corporation); Health Valley and Arrowhead Mills were absorbed by the Hain Celestial Group (57 varieties). Horizon organic dairy was milked dry by the largest US dairy, Dean's Foods. Kashi Cereals was cooked by Kellogg's (North America's 12th largest food company). Naked Juice was taken over by Pepsi, while Odwalla is now owned by Coke (I personally know this one to be a hostile takeover). Danone is a French conglomerate whose yogurt was recalled in 2007 for containing dioxin.

  They are now the proud owners of Stoneyfield and Brown Cow yogurts.

  In economic hard times, good deals can be a steal.


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