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The Wind Cries Mary

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Voices in clay and stone.
The Earth speaks.

  While working with the body of myth, it's become increasingly evident that we're scratching the surface of a tradition that extends further back than most folks realize. While undergoing this study, a number of things are becoming increasingly evident to me.

  When we look back across the time line of history, the civilizations of Egypt and Greater Babylon jump out at us as sophisticated examples of civilization reaching new plateaus in organization, coordination, and social will. In the WEB, we continually refer to this period as the Age of Taurus, a time of strong bonds to physical matter. This Earth sign mastered materialism, leaving their messages for us carved in stone or baked in clay, sustained by the river and their agricultural expertise.

  The Earth speaks to us, telling us their story.

  Archaeologically, there's much that we know about this culture buried beneath these sands of time. But it is the previous two thousand year epoch, the Age of Gemini, that has increasingly called to my curiosity, in an attempt to understand the earlier vibration, of what it was like to be born during that time. It was not a period of extensive architectural accomplishments, and so, where do we turn to find our strata when the archeological stream dries up? As an AIR sign, Gemini's element is more ethereal than those found in the veins of the Earth. What trail has been left behind?

  The answer's blowing in the wind.

  Which is not to say it's lost, but rather, that it's remembered every time we tell their tales. These myths spring to life when voice and ear are paired in the telling.

  It is possible to look to the homes, pottery and art of the period and find an extensive number of artifacts that replicate Twins, Birds (creatures of the AIR) and Eggs of this time, and if we listen carefully we can here this reflected in their myths. We are giving voice to the spirit of the time.

  The Age of Gemini was a time when Creation was born of the Celestial Twins and Siblings. As a result, the older traditions are born of Siblings.

  Meet the Titans, rulers of a time before the Gods. Who was king? Cronos. Who'd he marry? Rhea? Who was Rhea? His Sister.


The Roman Twins wearing the Egg-shelled 'Pilos' caps

  Who takes over from Cronos? Zeus. Who's Zeus marry? Hera. Who's Hera? Zeus's Sister.

Shu, Egyptian God of AIR

Shu, Egyptian God of Air
sent by Anu to separate Geb and Nut.

  Check out the Egyptians; same thing.

  Old Gods. Who's in charge of the pantheon? Shu. Who's Shu marry? Tefnut. Who's Tefnut? Shu's Sister.

  Power passes to Geb. Who's Geb marry? Nut. Who's Nut? Geb's Sister. Shu (AIR) is sent to keep the two of them apart.

  Geb retires. Osiris comes along, and? You guessed it, marries his Sister, Isis.

  Do you think there's a pattern here?

  Divinely sanctioned incest isn't the easiest propaganda to push, celestially or otherwise, but the mythic world rose to the occasion. Listen for the myths that begin with the birth of Twins, born of the Egg, or being split in Two and you start to hear some of the elements that were at least sown when this was the celestial sky picture.

  P'an Ku was born of the Egg. Odin split the Egg, creating Heaven and Earth. Marduk does the same by blowing a great Wind through the jaws of Ti'amat, splitting her in half (the Sky, the year was split in two by many traditions, beginning both in the Spring and Fall), Heracles was one of a set of Twins. Leda was seduced by Zeus (as a Swan) and gave birth to the Dioscuri, the Greek Twins of the zodiac. They wore caps called 'Pilos' (Smurf caps) which were said to be the remains of the pieces of egg shell from which they were born.

  If the myth is born of the Egg, it's part of the tradition born of Spring in Gemini, when people told the stories about their life among the stars.

  You can still hear their tales on the whispering winds.


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