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Week of February 19th - February 25th, 2010

Goin' Fishin'

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Water, water everywhere...

  While following the tale of the trail of the Dragon, there is the distant echo of a Universal Myth that comes through cultures from all over the world. This myth involves a great Sea that existed before there was existence, and a World Tree, with the creatures and fruit that flourished protected beneath this Tree's windswept branches. In many myths, the World Serpent is also included in these restful waters.

  This week we'll focus on this 'Cosmic Sea' so many tales speak of. It pops up over and over again in various mythologies, especially Creation Myths. Taken as a whole, it represents the homogenous uniformity of 'background noise' that 'existed' before anything came into Being. You're talking pre-Big Bang here. For instance, this is 'the Sea' being spoken of in the Mayan Creation Myth.

  "This is the account of how all was in suspense, all calm, in silence; all motionless, still, and the expanse of the sky was empty."

Aqua man

Aqua Man

  This is also the 'calm water, the placid sea, alone and tranquil' defined by the Greeks as Oceanus, the World Ocean. No storms ever reach these shores. It is not what we think of when we picture the Atlantic, Pacific or Mediterranean. Neither is it what comes out of the tap in your kitchen. It is both more and less than these. These geophysical bodies are the children of this essence, but they are only offspring, still-tied to their Mother's apron strings, the Earth. We are speaking here of an even vaster Sea, one that is limitless and free. Homer calls Oceanus the 'progenitor of all the Gods'.

  It is a Sea whose gentle waves lap against the thinnest shores of consciousness. Genesis 1:1-2 describes this Sea in Biblical terms.

  "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was a formless void, there was darkness over the deep, and God's spirit hovered over the water."

Tea drinkers

The deep blue Sea

  The Greeks believed their version of this Great Cosmic Sea issued from the Underworld and flowed in a circular stream around the Earth. Helios and Eos lived on it's banks in the East (The Sun and Dawn), and as Helios was carried in its current, the Golden One disappeared into its western waves at Sunset. The Sun is carried on the currents of these waters through the day, and it sets with the waves in the west.

  The Egyptian Gods sailed their boats across these Seas on a daily basis.

  This is the Ocean that encircles the Earth, land and sky, night and day. In Norse tradition it is the Midgard Serpent that was long ago thrown into the Sea until he grew so large that he was able to wrap Midgard, the World Tree and the entire Earth with his tail. There were reports of a few who had seen him do this, biting his tail so as to not let go. It is this Ocean and these waves that carry the tides of both Heaven and Earth. And they go even deeper. The Greeks felt it emanates from the Underworld, where 'nothing existed'.

  That Ocean. The tides of which continue to create the 'raw material' for, substantiate, nourish and 'fill' the waters of our Creation.

Two fish

Let the current take you

  The seen and the unseen, the thought and the unthought, the dreams and the nightmares.

  In contemporary language this might be thought of as 'Stardust'. As Aquarius draws near a new mantra is texted across the land,

  'From Stardust ye came, and to Stardust ye shall return.' Now close your eyes and see them, the Inner Waters. It's a more accurate vibrational rendering for the moment in Time we're approaching.

  From this essence derives all of Creation, and everything born under the Sun.

  Including the Sun.


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