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Week of February 12th - February 18th, 2010

Chiron and Neptune

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Inauguration chart

The stellium in Aquarius
at the Noon position

  On the stroke of midnight Tuesday evening/Wednesday morning Neptune will conjunct Chiron in the 26th degree of Aquarius. This is the last major alignment in the Aquarian stellium (a grouping of three or more planets in a series of conjunctions) that we've been following all year.

  It all began with an inauguration under a Sun Jupiter conjunction in the early degrees of Aquarius a little over a year ago. There were a swath of planets in the Aquarian stream and hope was high. The series crested in the Spring, as Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune conjuncted, and then retrograded together at just about this same position (26 Aquarius), stirring up some of the greatest intensity of the year. At that time GM was facing bankruptcy and a government takeover, and Obama appointed Sonia Sotomayor for the Supreme Court. This celestial sojourn of a parade through Aquarius is coming to an end as these two 'outer planets' make the final conjunction of a rear-guard action. Jupiter (Chiron and Neptune's fellow traveller for most of the past year), has already left Aquarius and dove into Pisces's Ocean to chill out a little.

  Jove dove. He'll be under the water for a while.

Aquarian pivot

The celestial high-water mark

  Aquarius represents the people, together, united. In a single year we have been able to witness the ebb and flow of the tides of this current, from its hope, joy and exhilaration, to its final spirals winding down the drain. We've seen it all.

  Early degrees represent a new birth, a beginning full of excitement, energy and enthusiasm. During the inauguration, the political lights all seemed to flash green. There was a democratic majority in the Senate, the repressive tone of the previous eight years had prepared the expectant backlash, but it soon became apparent that the will of the people was not being served. The people wanted out of the War in Iraq. The War in Iraq was substituted for the War in Afghanistan.

  The people wanted a health care initiative.

  Under this final pass of these two planets, Neptune and Chiron are precisely looking at this issue. Neptune is the subconscious, which is to say the homeless, poor, nameless and faceless masses. Neptune is the unknown soldier and the sailor lost at Sea. It's the masses looking for leadership.

  Chiron is the wounded healer. As Neptune and Chiron align, we will witness a final round of this series, as President Obama calls for a bipartisan debate on the health care issue to be made public.

  The alignment is exact late Tuesday evening, but the Sun will ignite these two planets on Sunday, and either on the Senate floor, or in our personal lives, we will discover what these positions mean to us.

Aquarian pivot

What will the final alignment bring?

  The national Moon is at 26 degrees and 57 minutes of the sign Aquarius. Thursday's trigger should represent a wave of anguish this week, of how American know-how seems to be losing its way, of a patriot notion taking it on the chin, or the people's legislation becoming stuck in Congressional posturing.

  We're preparing to put a new system into place, one that will serve the health concerns of the people, and not the financial needs of the greedy.

  The transiting planets of Aquarius have about run their course, but the Age hasn't quite started yet.

  You ain't seen nothin' yet.


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