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Week of December 11th - December 17th, 2009

Silver Surfer

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Colorful California


  California is wonderful. Nature has been allowed to flourish here, keeping the coastal plain between San Francisco and Big Sur largely free of commercial and domestic development. Sure, there are a couple of towns along the way, but the local agricultural muscle has allowed much of the land to remain zoned as fields and pastures unlike the Northeast. One would think it were the plant capitol of the world to drive through. Watsonville is the capitol of raspberries and strawberries, Castroville the Capitol of artichokes, Gilroy, garlic and Prunedale plums. People seem surprised when I tell them California's Sun Sign is Virgo, but when you think of Virgo as the Harvest Queen, it begins to make a lot more sense.

  Driving along Rt.. 1 from San Francisco to Santa Cruz, the terrain rises and falls, bringing you eye level with the numerous state parks and beaches along the way, but then lifting you again along the hilly terrain so you can see miles and miles out across the ocean, offering a much wider vision of just how vast the Pacific really is. As we drive into Santa Cruz along the backbone ridge of Bonny Doon, you can see the other side of the bay and the mountains behind it, some forty miles away.

  The ocean extends even further.

  It's a study in perspective.

  As we rise and fall on California 1, the white curl of the surf is constant, with the sandpipers dancing up and down to the lap of the waves.

 Surfers are no stranger to this land.

 While communing with the stars under the darkened skies just outside of town, I often refer to the crystal ball that sits on my desk. Like Harry's Marauder's Map it shows me any signs of activity in the vicinity, you just have to know how to read it.

Riding up and over the crest

Riding up and over the crest...

 Well, OK, the crystal ball is an old Satellite Pro laptop computer left to me by Martha, but it has one job, and one job only to perform, and that is to show the current sky in this place at this time. It's a self-correcting program to keep pace with the heavens. All I have to do is look at it. The rhythms of the heavens play out as an electronic image vibrating on my desk. I like to watch.

 There's a rhythm to the dance that Heaven and Earth share together and its beautiful to see. The Sun is our most obvious example and the easiest to observe. As the Sun nears dawn, the skyline begins to change color, tracing the thinnest outlines of light along the horizon. Slowly the warmer colors begin to appear until the entire sky brightens and fills with blue. Finally the crimson ball of the Sun breaks the horizon and fills the day with light and blessings.

Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer

 There is a build up and surge to the activity as the Sun actually conjuncts the horizon.

 This is true of all the planets, but we don't observe them the way we do the Sun. As planets rise up over the horizon, their energy showers the Earth and we respond to its vibration. This morning, as Capricorn rose on the Ascendant, we started talking about Lisa's work situation, and how difficult its been. Pluto was rising. A good friend of ours, the local Queen Bee dropped by just as zero Cancer was rising. As new signs rise across the Ascendant, we change gears or start doing something different. As planets cross the angles, issues come into focus. Either way, they all ride a crest of the horizon's wave together.

 Just like the Silver Surfer.


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