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Week of December 4th - December 10th, 2009

Ignore the Man Behind the Curtain

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Swine-Flu on the move

Swine Flu on the move
If pigs could fly . . .

  When I first heard the stories about the pandemic in Mexico, something didn't sit quite right. My spider sense started to tingle. The media seemed too quick to pounce on every swine story that came down the pike, jumping up and down on it in an attempt to make it squeal, however ephemeral. It could be stories about difficulty in distribution, lack of availability, who would get it first, local school closings and the like, night after night.

  The 2009 Swine Flu first reported deaths in March in Mexico. By April it had crossed the border and stories from Texas began to emerge. The frenzy and attention, not to mention the predictions, seemed to be artificial, forced and fear-based.

  Mercury, Virgo and the 6th house generically rule health issues. The inconjunct (a one hundred and fifty degree alignment) is the aspect that can also be related to health matters. Chiron, the wounded centaur, deals with healing.

  Here's a few of the aspects at work last spring:

  Neptune inconjuncted the US Mercury on February 19th, while Chiron inconjuncted the US Neptune in Virgo on the 27th. Pluto opposed Venus (the ruler of the US 6th house [health]) on March 7th as Uranus opposed the US Neptune.

 What all this astrological mumbo-jumbo is saying is that our health is being stirred up and thrown off-center. The information (Mercury) is bogus (Neptune). We're focusing on the wrong issues. There are too many unknown factors, and a too rapidly changing image (Uranus-Neptune) at work to get a clear picture. Indeed, it could be that the picture we are being presented is intentionally deceptive (Neptune inconjuncting Merucry).

Swine Flu final stages

Swine Flu, final stages

 Each of these transiting planets is fairly slow moving- Chiron, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. They're all at the outer end of our solar system 'falling' around our Sun at a slow rate. This causes them to linger, making them last longer and impacting us more deeply than the quicker, inner planets.

 Of those listed, the strongest single aspect is the Pluto Venus opposition. Venus deals with money. Pluto deals with other's money. This is the US chart, so this is the US's money.

 It's dying and being reborn. Can you tell?

 The money in this country is being reallocated, intentionally. This is the hit to the economy, this is the stimulus. Many are entering financial hard times, while some are making out like bandits. According to one doctor who has been studying pandemics for decades,

 "There is a dramatic disconnect between what the science is discovering about this flu virus and what is being broadcast over the media outlets. As you will see, this is a mild flu virus infection for 99.9% of the population."

 (The entire interview can be heard at: Swine Flu misinformation )

 Let's make this simple. The Swine Flu epidemic is being driven by the pharmaceutical industry who is hoping to cash in on government endorsed, internationally distributed vaccines in an economically controlled environment, thereby markedly driving up the price for the public, who will, of course, pay.

 Great job if you can get it.


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