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Neptune conj US Moon

Neptune conjunct US Moon
March 7th, 2010

  One of the more significant alignments coming up this year in the US chart is Neptune's conjunction to the US Moon in the 3rd house at 26 degrees, 56 minutes of Aquarius. This alignment will occur three times as Neptune 'rocks' back and forth across the US lunar degree due to retrograde motion. Neptune will conjunct the US Moon on March 7th and September 2nd, 2010, and finally on January 7th, 2011.

  The Moon in the US chart deals with the land and our homes. It is the roots of our material being (the physical body) and our connection to the Earth.

  Neptune is mystical. It hides behind a veil, leaving answers in the shadows. What treasures lie beneath the sea, if we could only see? As Neptune 'rolls over' (makes aspects to) various planets, it makes them 'disappear' or puts them on shaky ground.

  Because the nation was 'born' on the 4th of July, 1776, it has already experienced this transit before. Neptune conjuncted the US Moon on Mar. 23rd and Aug. 23rd, 1846, and again on Jan. 23rd, 1847. What happened at these times?

  This young, hungry, growing nation desired both Texas and California (and points in-between) from the newly-independent Mexico. When a financial offer was flatly refused, a military incident was generated and Congress had their war. There was considerable anti-war feeling among the people, but these were largely brushed aside by the legislature.



 History supports the notion that the US had every intention of taking these choice territories in a show of force, in order to complete a Manifest Destiny vision of an ocean on two borders, from sea to shining sea. It had its appeal.

 But the media of the time (3rd house) was not fully honest in selling this war to the public.

 Next year under this same alignment, we will see the media manipulated and the national sentimental (Moon in Aquarius) fanned for patriotic self-interests once again. At the top of the list, the pharmaceutical industry (Neptune) is pushing the case for Swine Flu (Moon), forcing the purchase of expensive prescription drugs on an international scale. Food concerns will grow as prices begin to rise due to transportation costs (US Moon in the 3rd). (We can help to off-set some of this by purchasing and growing more foods locally.) Additional layers of the American industrial identity (Aquarius) are being sliced up and sold on the international market. (We're re-tooling some of our own grass-roots, local industry.) Our national image (Moon in Aquarius) is one of an intelligent, independent, bend-their-knee to no regent, spit-in-their-eye kind of guy.

 And we like it that way.

 But Neptune will make us bend. As it rolls over this degree, our national Moon will be humbled, softened and tenderized. We may have to open our hearts to those who lose their homes. Neptune conjuncting the Moon speaks for a time of charity and compassion. Both the Moon and Aquarius deal with 'the people' from different celestial perspectives. It will be 'the people' who bear the brunt of the burden. The market (the 3rd house) has already felt these reverberations, and will again.

 We are in the process of watching our image of ourselves change, to better fit the role of experienced elder statesman, rather than as sole-remaining Super Power.


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