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Week of November 20th - November 26th, 2009

Jupiter Rising

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Realm of the Horse Lords

Realm of the Horse Lords

  This week the Sun leaves behind somber Scorpio for light-hearted Sagittarius. The Sun is our focus, our inner light, our awareness. We follow the Sun on its path through the year because it is easiest to see and most predictable in its annual orbit. The Sun marks the start of the seasons and yearly progress, while the Moon is better suited to the division of time into months and weeks. When the Sun crosses the solstices and equinoxes, we have the start of the seasons. As a part of that yearly path, we now start our end-of-the-year plans. What do we need to do to wrap up for the season and the holidays ahead? So much to do!

  On Saturday, November 21st, 2009 at 11:22 PM EST, the Sun will stride into the realm of the centaurs, like entering the Forbidden Forest outside Hogworts or galloping across the grassy plains of Rohan. The rest of us had better just hang on. The pace of this fire sign is about to quicken.

  Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter. The same stream, the same theme of energy runs through both Ruler and Realm. The difference between the two is that the Lord (planet) is the more powerful of the two, the energy more concentrated and focused. As the planet makes an alignment, the Lord's 'voice' is heard. His realm (the sign he 'rules') feels the power in a more diffuse way, being part of a collective strength, fanned out across the 30 degrees of Sagittarius. The fruit of this realm is the power of its Lord.


Jupiter, or Zeus
Sky King

  To have Sagittarius strong in one's chart is to look at the overview of life. These people are interested in where the world is headed. The higher the mountain loft, the higher our aerial view, the broader the picture we see. The heavens, Jupiter's realm, lift us to that higher, wider perspective.

  As the Sun first enters Sagittarius our enthusiasm for the season (or the job) will accelerate the process, helping us to pack in more. This Sagittarian fire is the spirit of adventure, reaching out on distant quests, either of a physical, mental or spiritual nature. Parties work as well. Look at what you're doing? Where is your pace picking up? As the season wears on, you'll need to be a little more selective on where you spend your energies. Focusing the flame, choosing the times when to really have fun, must be carefully chosen lest it be squandered. Be mindful of that through the holiday season.

 Jupiter in now transiting through Aquarius, reading ready to overtake Chiron and Neptune. It is a time for people to be getting in touch with their spiritual base, and do some homework. What needs to be released? What needs to be embraced? What practices should we be implementing into our lifestyles? Through the end of the year we should contemplate and work on ourselves.

 Because Jupiter is in Aquarius, there are some wonderful doorways that are now open. Connecting with our friends, developing networks, getting our local communities ready to work together, each of these and more are available to folks. Because Jupiter is in Aquarius, the internet, software, and email contacts are supplying good information. If it makes sense, go for it. If it doesn't make sense, let it go. Jupiter in Aquarius is suppling a spark to the internal circuits. It is easier for us to see patterns, blue-prints or schema. We see the common thread running throughout.


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