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Week of October 23rd - October 29th, 2009

Here comes the Judge

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The scales

Sign of the Scales

  On Thursday, October 29th 2009, Saturn will enter Libra, leaving Virgo behind except for a short retrograde visit next January. Since Saturn stays in a sign for more than two years, we will have a chance to get up close and personal with just what this energy will mean for each of us during that time.

  Saturn is the planet of responsibilities, time, discipline, duty, maturity, reliability and dependability. It is the planet of experience and patience, often making us wait for our perceived 'fruit' to ripen. As Saturn enters Libra, we will begin to find our relationships being tested. Are we willing to be with them if they don't have more time for us? What if they're not as much fun any more or don't seem to be very balanced about their perspectives?

Civil liberties

Civil Liberties

  The whole point of testing is to help familiarize ourselves with our points of weakness, to either build them up or be broken down by them. What does not pass the test will be rejected, and marriages, business partnerships and close friendships will find themselves being celestially scrutinized. Naturally, as Saturn moves through Libra and makes specific aspects to planets in your chart, that will be the time during which you feel these themes being brought to the surface.

  Yet Saturn was thought to be in its exaltation in this sign, and for good reason. Mutual cooperation is the foundation stone of successful social systems, but it must be fair and even-handed in its disbursement of justice. Like the scales which we find so often associated with the legal system, a standard system of weights and measures must be instituted in order that all might benefit.

  It is not unusual for people with Saturn in Libra, Saturn in the 7th house (Libra's generic home), or Saturn conjuncting Venus (Libra's ruler) to become mediators, lawyers or judges. Naturally, it also rules the legal system, court, and laws with which we must deal. This can either be on the societal level, such as thou must not kill, or it can be on the personal level, as when we tell our partner that we'll be back by 10:00 PM or whatever. Saturn in Libra also teaches us (experience is the best teacher) how to interact with our clientele in a fair and balanced manner. This is a wonderful placement for the organization of group endeavors, legal contracts and work responsibilities.



  In the natal chart, Saturn in Libra can indicate marrying someone when you're older, marrying somebody who is older, or being attracted to someone who is mature, serious, and working with some weighty professional obligations. The up-side to this alignment is that, given time, the rewards of this combination are that you may be able to share in the fruits of the best that society has to offer. Considerable wealth and social responsibility are two additional facets of this time-honored crystal. While Saturn transits through the sign Libra, these same characteristics will be liable to flush to the surface over the next couple of years.

 The down-side to Saturn in Libra suggests that these people can be too demanding of their partners. They can expect the benefits of success without being willing to work for it, or they can be dry and distant, unloving and callous.

  While Saturn passes through Libra, we may find that there is an increased amount of legal activity hitting the lime-light, and that this will be a period during which governmental representatives, either current or past, may be tried for legal infractions.

 Are you ready to take the test?


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