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Week of October 16th - October 22nd, 2009

Neptune's Wide Embrace

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Neptune Moon conjunction

The near conjunction
between Neptune and the Moon

  Over the last two weeks we've been examining one trend that built to a peak at the end of May, when Neptune reached its 'high-water mark' at 26 degrees of Aquarius before reversing direction and backing away from the US Moon at 27 Aquarius.

  Neptune is the planet of the sub-conscious. We're not sure how we feel about things. Our boundaries are fuzzy and in the process of being re-shaped. Neptune is as we first wake up in the morning. We're not all there yet.

  The US Moon falls in the 3rd house, a position that deals with transportation and communication. As Neptune came close to conjuncting the US Moon in the 3rd, we began to question the necessity of having a new car all the time. Our national identification with the automobile was being re-defined as the Germans brokered a deal to sell long-established American automotive brand names to the Russians for manufacture. Our national image will continue to morph throughout the up-coming year, as transiting Neptune rocks back and forth over the national Moon. As a house of communications, the 3rd house rules the nation's newspapers, email and US Mail. With Aquarius in the 3rd house, this can also be electronic communications.

  When Neptune makes aspects, it confuses the issue, making it hard for the rational mind to figure out what to do. But that's the whole point. Sometimes we rationalize things that keep us trapped in situations we fundamentally don't agree with. Neptune sweeps logic aside with a wave of his trident, and we're left with an unclear set of facts, an incomplete picture. Generally speaking, it's not the time for clear, rationale judgement. What you think is the picture really isn't.

Poseidon (aka Neptune)

Lord of the Unknown

  With an increasing number of attacks on high focus targets, Cyber Security Plans have been proposed as a defense. From May 29th's NYT,

  "WASHINGTON — President Obama declared Friday that the country’s disparate efforts to “deter, prevent, detect and defend” against cyberattacks would now be run out of the White House, but he also promised that he would bar the federal government from regular monitoring of “private-sector networks” and the Internet traffic that has become the backbone of American communications.

  That last part baring the federal government from regular monitoring; that's not how it will go.

 "Mr. Obama’s speech, which was accompanied by the release of a long-awaited new government strategy, was an effort to balance the United States’ response to a rising security threat with concerns — echoing back to the debates on wiretapping without warrants in the Bush years — that the government would be regularly dipping into Internet traffic that knew no national boundaries.

  We're moving into uncharted waters, into the unknown. The subconscious (Neptune) continually confronts issues we don't understand, can't see, or got side-windered by. Sometimes we need to plumb our deeper emotions, leaving the mind side-tracked.

 "Many computer security executives had been hoping that Mr. Obama’s announcement would represent a turning point in the nation’s unsuccessful effort to turn back a growing cybercrime epidemic."

 As Neptune pivots, the papers speak of a turning point.



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