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Week of October 2nd - October 8th, 2009

Automotive Tune-Up

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  Under the smoke screen of the recession, the financial landscape is being re-tooled in a fashion more favorable to business.

3rd house issues

The Automotive Industry
3rd house issues

This is all a part of Pluto's move into Capricorn, consolidating economic power in the hands of government and business. In typical Plutonic fashion, this is all very secretive and happening 'under the table', away from the prying eyes of the public. Those at the top of the economic pyramid are well aware of this policy, for it is to their fiscal advantage. Money is neither created or destroyed during economic swings, it is merely transferred. If thousands are losing their homes and money, a few are making huge profits, but this is kept out of the main-stream media. What most Americans are not seeing is that this is all part of a conscientious plan to fleece the market and bind as yet un-born generations to a financial debt that they had nothing to do with, except pay off over the course of time. Those who hold these loans have secured their own fiscal futures for a long time to come.

  Outer planets 'move' very slowly in their orbits around the Sun, and they tend to be the strongest shapers of our social trends for extended periods of time. Since Neptune and Pluto (our two outmost planets) remain in a sign for a number of years, they carve deep social niches, reinforcing particular modes of behavior.

Neptune Moon conjunction

The Automotive Industry
3rd house issues

While the general trend of Pluto's shift into Capricorn is part of the picture, it is not the only part.

  During Neptune's run with Chiron and Jupiter this past spring, this Aquarian stellium edged up to a conjunction with the US Moon in the 3rd house. The 3rd house in astrology deals with transportation and communicational issues. The Moon in anyone's chart deals with their home, memories and nostalgia, 'misty, water-colored memories', to quote Barbara Streisand. Neptune came closest to a conjunction to the US Moon as it pivoted last May 29th. Whatever news stories were in the media at that time were giving us clues as to some of the deception (our Neptunian smoke-screens) that were coming to a peak at that time.

Who controls Congress?

The real power behind Congress-

  In the automotive (transportation, 3rd house) industry, fears were being expressed in the NYT about future American interests in new US cars.

 Industry Fears Americans May Quit New Car Habit- May 30, 2009

  DETROIT For all the drastic cuts and financial overhauls that are meant to secure a future for GM and Chrysler, their prospects in coming years will be determined more by the answer to a simple question: Can American drivers live without that new-car smell?

 Now the market has collapsed by 46 percent to below 10 million, as people are making do with the cars they have, leaving the industry to debate, and worry, about what the new normal will be once the recession ends.

 Some say the downturn is temporary and that sales will spring back in a few years. Others believe Americans will rethink whether they need so many cars, particularly new ones.

 This is but one piece of the larger, fiscal picture (to be continued...).


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