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Week of September 18th - September 24th, 2009

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  The Autumnal Equinox this year occurs on Tuesday, September 22nd at 5:18 PM EDT. The following day, some of the same themes that we had triggering last week again come to the fore. What were you having to deal with last week? We have five planetary combinations on Wednesday, beginning with the Sun's square to Pluto, the Sun at zero degrees of Libra, and Pluto at zero degrees of Capricorn.

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  This is a new situation or a new set of circumstances coming into play. Egos (Sun) are more combative, and relationships (Libra) are feeling the strain. The government may be playing fast and loose with our legal system. Generally, a Sun Pluto square represents power conflicts. The boss (government, overlord, mother or father, or meter maid) may not be doing something fair or legal, we feel pinched about our financial situation, or someone is trying to emotionally manipulate circumstances by pushing hot buttons/sore spots. How we feel about it comes to the surface with a vengeance, but there may be little gained by a frontal assault at this time.

  What seems to be the main theme of the day then begins its work. Mercury first opposes Uranus at 11:41 AM, contraparallels Saturn at 3:07 PM and finally inconjuncts Neptune at 6:21 PM. In order now, unexpected information comes in through others and throws us off guard. By 3:00 PM we are feeling the weight of the situation. It's either holding us up, taking longer than we had wanted for people to get back, or the rules are preventing us from moving forward. By 6:00 PM we are focused on the information we don't have. This is not a good time for judgment or decisions. You don't have all the facts, and if you did, you wouldn't be thinking what you're thinking now. Ignorance is not a guiding light, not should it be.

  Finally, at 7:50 PM Mars inconjuncts Jupiter. These are two fire lords (Aries and Sagittarius), and in a hard aspect there is a high volume of energy at work. People are either very busy or very frustrated.

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Fire Lords at work

Some may even be angry. With Mars in its fall in Cancer (having nothing to do with autumn), lashing out at family matters is an option, just not a very effective one. We opened the day with the third fire lord (the Sun) making a hard aspect to Pluto. With all three of this brotherhood making hard aspects, people could get burned or over exert themselves. We push too hard or too fast. We're forging ahead with the wrong information. This could result in muscle pulls on the physical level, premature judgments in the mental realm, or inflamed emotional reactions.

  A square, opposition, contraparallel and two inconjuncts; hard aspects framing our day. On the high side, this is a great deal of energy and difficult projects can be tackled and moved forward, but only with total commitment, focus and care. Use safety precautions where these would be appropriate and be mindful of the speed limits on the road. Try not to be surprised when your outline for the day does not go precisely as planned. Many people will not have all the facts they need, causing them to attempt to force the issue. There is a time to be born and a time to die; well, this is a time to reign in some of your enthusiasm, look before you leap, and don't bet the farm.

  Welcome to Autumn!


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