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Week of September 11th - September 17th, 2009

The Heavens Unfold

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  The planets align is several significant ways over the course of this week, any one of which could trigger substantial events in and of themselves. In chronological order, they are:

Week's alignments

Neptune, Uranus and Saturn

  Just past noon on Friday Pluto pivots in the heavens, this year at zero degrees of Capricorn. Life is tougher as governmental authorities tighten restrictions on monies and resources. Eventually, this enforcement will cause the government to rupture in and of itself, but this is only the beginning. Pluto is yet in the first degree and will not enter Aquarius until the Spring of 2023. We're just getting started.

  Early Saturday evening we have the second of our powerhouses as Saturn in Virgo inconjuncts Neptune in Aquarius. Because these are two outer planets (further from the Sun), they do not move very fast, and you don't see aspects between them happening very often. This indicates the themes ruled by this alignment have been a long time in the making, and their effects will run deep.

  In different ways, each of these planets deal with our traditional framework. Saturn represents our time and how we spend it. It is our schedules, calendars and where we have to be at noon. Because Saturn also deals with our responsibilities and careers, many feel burdened by its labors and seek alternatives. Waiting for 5 o'clock, or waiting for that summer vacation becomes a regular routine that moves ever so slowly.

  Neptune also acquaints us with what we are familiar, but it is far more deeply rooted. So rooted, in fact, that we take many of its ways for granted. We don't even notice it, even though it's all around us. As Saturn inconjuncts Neptune, our responsibilities disappear or are lost. We can awaken to what is no longer there. Only then do we realize just how important they were to us. They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.



  The effects of dizziness (Neptune) and old age (Saturn) must be monitored over the weekend. We may be up too late (Saturn), past our bedtime (Neptune), and it leaves us feels fatigued (Saturn) throughout the day. Saturn inconjuncting Neptune could also be some governmental office neglecting its responsibilities. Those accountable are not to be found or attempt to slip the noose.

  The inconjunct is though to be a hard aspect. It can flush problems to the surface, but it is also capable of a great deal of will-power. We can build bridges (Saturn) of faith and belief (Neptune) between ourselves through long-term endeavors which test our endurance. Health issues (Saturn in Virgo) can now achieved through diligence and mindful attention. Results may not be immediately forthcoming, but this is not the time to let the reins fall, although many will be tempted.

  The final alignment will be Saturn opposing Uranus Tuesday morning. The pace is accelerating (Uranus) and we seem to be forced into a bottle-neck of time (Saturn). Can we keep up with all the demands that others place upon us, or can we adapt to the changes that life is offering to us at this time? Those who are too rigid may find events fractured. Be willing to be objective about what you are being asked. This relates to you job environment, your health regime or your pets. Adapt your timetable as well as you can, and know that things may be about to get interesting. With three major triggers this week (and the Sun setting it all off on Wednesday and Thursday), you know we're not going to be bored.


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