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Week of September 4th - September 10th, 2009

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Aquarian glyph

  Both the broken wavy lines of the symbol Aquarius, as well as the TV antenna that sets its ruler Uranus apart from the other planets suggests electricity and cosmic waves flying through the air. Aquarians are drawn to both paradox and oxymoron, seeking stimulation in difference and excitement in its quest. For instance, the thought that hunks of metal, jammed full of both people and luggage weighing several tons could rise into the air and travel at speeds faster than sound seems illogical, yet we are all now comfortable with this everyday reality.

Uranian glyph


  Welcome to the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.

  Aquarius is a fixed air sign. Air signs deal with logic, communication, invention and ideas. It stimulates the mind and mental functions, but unlike Gemini, seeks to apply these themes to the larger group sphere, lifting people to social ideals that work for all concerned. They are altruistic rather than egocentric and will seek the path to the greater good. The fixed component of this sign looks at the long term picture (another difference from Gemini), and establish notions that last across time. It constantly probes to test the established norm. If the path is black, what would it mean to follow white. If the jury was unanimous, what was the alternative defense? These questions constantly arise for the Aquarian, always looking to make sure that even the underdog has his day in court.

  Aquarians tend to be more universal than individualistic; more altruistic than egocentric. Once aroused to a cause (no mean feat in itself, as they have their own ideas), they work tirelessly toward collective ideals. They are constantly probing the status quo, examining the problem, consensus, blueprint, law or norm, determining its truth and viability. Abstract principles appeal to them more than warm and fuzzy emotions. For this reason they can be scientists and mathematicians, historians and antiquarians. Taken to an extreme, Aquarians can seem aloof and unemotional. It has been said of them that they love humanity, it's people they can't stand. This humorous sentiment plays off the universal/individual juxtaposition. They can be your geeks and computer nerds, social outcasts who leave the rest of us behind in the electronic dust.

The Water-Bearer

The Water-Bearer

  Freedom is one of the higher ideals Aquarians embrace, whether it is society's freedom or their own. They do not like to be put into a box, and will maintain their individualistic lifestyles throughout. Marriage does not stop them from maintaining friendships with people of the opposite sex, authority does not limit them from following their own path should it seem appropriate for them to do so. One simple paradox they entertain is subscribing to the collective good, while demanding their own individuality.

  Aquarians enjoy leading people into realms of discovery, but they don't wait around for too much time to pass. Once interest is displayed they often move on, to the next quest, and the next, discovering what is exciting, new and wonderful about the next dimension they are about to probe. They believe in ideas and ideals, they take the path less traveled. Aquarians can be exciting and stimulating, and in this day and age they tend to get good PR, but don't be surprised if they don't always agree with what you have to say, even if it is the best for all.


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