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Week of August 7th - August 13th, 2009

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Lunar eclipse

Mars in Gemini

  Mars is currently making it's way through Gemini, engendering new initiatives while exploring alternate avenues. Like any astrological combination, this planet and sign can stand for a whole host of activities, from walking and talking fast to defending one's ideas. It can represent twin boys, a brand new car, fighting words or a red fire-truck. This level of symbolic communication is difficult for some to translate, but it is the same as learning to work with the symbolism of your dreams. Generally, dreams don't use the Queen's English to express to us our issues, they put is in situations which reflect the waking reality. This imagery is symbolic of how we feel about the situation, and may even offers us some clues about how to deal with them.

  Yours truly does not have Mars in Gemini, but he does have Mars in the 3rd house. Since Gemini's natural home is the 3rd house, there are some shared themes at work here, and I have had a lifetime of learning about various interpretations of what this can mean. It's really quite amazing how a single set of symbols can blossom into so many bouquets over time. A single transit may set off one manifestation of what it can mean to have Mars in Gemini or Mars in the 3rd, but in a natal chart we have the time to see a fuller gamut of combinations unfold.


The Red Planet

  First of all, let's consider the gender. Mars is the planet of males, while the 3rd house is the location of siblings. I have three brothers. Dad was a career military man, class of West Point, 1948. As a result, we grew up on a series of military bases all across the country and overseas. Like a typical Gemini, the scenery kept changing with the wind. There were two boys in two years, a gap of eleven years and two more boys in another two years. Dad called us the first and second fleets. When we were summoned by his Lordship, it was, "Donald and Davis, front and center." Military euphemisms (Mars in the 3rd) permeated our reality. We were taught not to break ranks, to align the line of our shirts with our belt buckets and the fly of our trousers. Answering the phone when at home had an etiquette all its own.


The Red Planet

  "Colonel Cerow's residence, Donald speaking." More Mars in Gemini. All four boys have Mars strong in their charts. I have a Sun Mars conjunction, Davis has a Jupiter Mars conjunction. Charlie has Mars conjunct his Ascendant, and John has Mars conjunct Uranus. In different ways, each one of us has harnessed our individual strength. Davis (Jupiter Mars) used to travel to Europe to hike the Black Forest. He did one 400 mile stint there, covering anywhere from 20 to 40 miles a day, while staying in the hostiles at night. He even boxed for a while in high school, one of the mythological occupations of the celestial Twins.

  The two older boys were both redheads. Mars is the red planet. In transportation terms, driving fast is my normal speed. I've never been shy about 'boldly going where no man has gone before'. In High School this amounted to driving down sidewalks. I've found you can meet some fascinating people that way.

  Finally, Mars in the 3rd can spend much energy writing. It's been 27 years so far.


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