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Week of July 17th - July 23rd, 2009


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Mercury Neptune inconjunct

Sun Jupiter inconjunct
Notice that the Moon has just squared
the Aquarian stellium Friday afternoon.

  Last Wednesday, July 15th, Mercury crossed over the 25th degree of Cancer and activated the Aquarian stellium Chiron, Jupiter and Neptune. This is the same grouping of planets we have been watching for weeks now, in this case as Mercury inconjuncted each of these three. Look back to this time, and if your life was particularly busy, buzzy, crazy or high strung, then get ready, because the beginning of our WEBWeek has more of the same. This time, instead of Mercury, it will be the Sun triggering these three.

  While Mercury rules Gemini (an Air sign) and the stellium is also in Air signs (Aquarius), our previous alignment emphasized nervous system qualities. People changed what they said, we find out directions were incorrect, computer malfunctions abounded and stress related issues put us over the top. So much seemed to be happening all at the same time. Choices had to be made.

  With the Sun acting as trigger on Friday, July 17th however, the emphasis shifts slightly. It is what we are doing instead of what is being said. Our actions are more dramatic and things are taken more personally. Children tend to demonstrate their independence more while issues involving the heart (our loved ones) may be challenged. With both Mercury (last Wednesday) and the Sun (Friday) making this alignment from Cancer to Aquarius, it suggests that conditions in the home are changing, whether that be rearranging the furniture or somebody moving out of the picture. Inconjuncts are like emotional knots, but they can also represent a high level of personal fortitude. Our will power is cranked up to another level, so we can take on major chores that require determination and effort. Make sure that you use the recommended safety procedures, however, as accidents are also a common companion of this alignment. Take on the hard work, but be willing to put the extra time in to do it right.


Mr. Sun

  Because the Aquarian stellium remains tight, it's like running your fingers over a washboard. As soon as you're off one metal ridge, you're into another ridge, and then another in quick succession. All of these themes blend into one extended wallop, and we can find ourselves plummeting in a new and totally unexpected direction. When Neptune and Chiron slowed down and pivoted at the end of May (Jupiter pivoted in the middle of June), they were turning on a point just shy of the US Moon in the 3rd house. The third house deals with communication and transportation issues, and can anyone argue how powerfully the auto industry has been re-tooled this year? We took a drive down Memory Lane (Moon in the 3rd) as we reached out to save GM, wrapped so indelibly into our identity as the way to see the USA (in your Chevrolet). We will not fully know the fate of the automotive industry until Chiron and Neptune actually connect with the US Moon in February/March 2010, September 2010, and December 2010/January 2011. Of these three passes, the September dates will be the most powerful.

  The communicational component of the 3rd house was the swine flu virus shutting down many schools (which were promptly cleaned and disinfected) as the hysteria of a hyped flu virus filled our pages on the front cover of the Daily Chatter.


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