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Week of July 10th - July 16th, 2009

Four Inconjuncts

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Mercury Neptune inconjunct

Mercury Neptune inconjunct

  This week, within 48 hours, there will be four inconjuncts in quick succession. In this astrologer's humble opinion, the inconjunct is one of the most powerful of heaven's alignments, and bears some respect.

  Inconjuncts are aspects of 150 degrees. If, for instance, you had a chart with a planet at zero degrees of Aries, an inconjunct would be formed with another planet either at zero degrees of Virgo or Scorpio. There is a difference between the two. The former is more Mercurial in nature, cranking up the power of the nervous system. People seem buzzier, as though they've had too much caffeine. On the high side much can be accomplished, coordinating considerable activity, answering different calls, being beset by problems at work or even having to make difficult health decisions. The Aries/Scorpio inconjunct runs deeper emotionally, backing us against the wall with financial worries, drawing emotional lines in the sand about what we will and will not do, or having to deal with some significant loss. On the high side, this can be a time during which we make a good deal of money, because that is all we choose to concern ourselves with. We can reach down into our inner reservoir and conjure the resources we need, whether emotional, financial, or mineral. The former is more nerve racking, the latter more fearful, as it deals with our primordial energies.

  One of the reasons these alignments can be more difficult is because it involves signs that share nothing in common. For instance, trines generally work well because you are dealing with two signs that are both the same element. Fire signs like action while earth signs get down to business. Air signs communicate well, while waters signs feel the same. But with the inconjunct none of the above applies. Aries is a Cardinal Fire sign, Virgo is Mutable Earth sign and Scorpio a Fixed Water sign. None of those share anything in common with each other. Getting them to integrate is like trying to get oil and water to mix. The consistencies are simply different.


The Winged Messenger

  The first of the four inconjuncts stands by itself, occurring late Monday evening/Tuesday morning as Mars inconjuncts Pluto at 12:52 AM EDT. Mars is the ancient ruler of Scorpio, while Pluto is the contemporary ruler of Scorpio. Together these two represent the potential for a strong conflict of wills, or the application of some strong willpower. Aggravation and pushiness are likely at this time, when people attempt to force circumstances.

  On Wednesday Mercury inconjuncts the Aquarian stellium Chiron (12:33 PM EDT), Jupiter (4:39 PM) and Neptune (8:30 PM). All three of these carry the nervous energy component discussed earlier. The potential for miscommunications, poor directions, or computer malfunctions are possible. We watched similar alignments triggering these themes last week (July 5th and 6th) as Venus and Mars activated the same points. If you were hopping on one foot trying to deal with a bunch of nerve-racking conditions then, you probably will be dealing with similar themes on the 13th, 14th and 15th of this week.

  Oh joy!

  There is much power in the inconjunct, and if you can successfully harness it's potential you will travel far. It's time to test your cosmic balance.


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