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Week of July 3rd - July 9th, 2009

Bucking the System

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Early week alignments

Clash of the week

  This week we have three celestial combinations that are coming to a head as we build into the Full Moon. First, Mars will square the Aquarian stellium in late Aquarius on Sunday (5th) and Monday (6th, at 25/26 degrees of Aquarius). This will make for confrontation attitudes, especially for those attempting to gather some sort of collective consensus. Individuals may decide that what is best for the people may not be best for them, and they are better able to thwart on-going initiatives. Because of the nature of Mars, some attempt to force situations or push too hard. These are red flags that can help you to recognize the energy, back off and regroup. This is a combination where we can wind up shooting ourselves in the foot among other possibilities (Mars square Neptune. Mars represents guns and explosions, while Neptune rules the feet. Put another way, we're unconscious of what we're doing).

  The second combination occurs Monday afternoon as Venus inconjuncts Pluto. With Venus freshly entered in Gemini (sign of the Twins), this could manifest in a few different ways-

  First of all, we could say things that get us into trouble. This could be anything from swearing to revealing secrets that ought not to have been spilled.

  Secondly, we could wind up paying extra money for traffic violations. If you do happen to get pulled over, know that the officer may not have had 'a nice day' and he (she) is in no mood for humor or mercy. We could also find ourselves dealing with financial issues that seem to be just a little beyond our reach, and this seems to have hit a particular nerve.

  Thirdly, it is possible that we could have disagreements with siblings (Gemini). Our preferred direction may be usurped, and it does not sit well with us. Contracts are in the process of being changed, and not everybody likes it.

The Full Moon Goddess

The Goddess looking down on us.

  Finally, the Full Moon is at 5:21 AM EDT Tuesday morning, turning up the emotional volume on all the above. This means that the real power is coming through Monday evening, as the Moon begins to rise over the horizon at sundown. Over and over again I have noticed that people like to play their music loud on the Full Moon. We feel the music speaking to us in a meaningful way. But when we have a number of 'hard' aspects building into the Full Moon as we have this month, it makes for a more difficult foray. On the high side, this is a time during which we can achieve a considerable amount of work, taking on more difficult projects that require greater diligence. It could be that we have lined either people or equipment to help us in this endeavor, but that they fail to materialize. Make the necessary adjustments, and then carry on as well as possible. Last minute changes may wind up costing us in the long run (Venus inconjuncting Pluto). Certainly it is a time during which financial disagreements can evoke feelings of betrayal and mistrust. We are simply not happy about the perceived injustice (he said diplomatically).

  The nature of Mars is hard and fast. When this energy is out of focus, it is sometimes better to not push so hard, and to avoid impulse. Forcing things could mean that they break, tear or rebound in such a way as to hurt us, and that was obviously not the intention. As far as pushing too fast is concerned, the answer is obvious.

  If you're going to hit a wall, slower is better.


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