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Week of June 19th - June 25th, 2009

Jupiter and Uranus

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Earth shine on the Moon

Mercury and Venus making aspects
to Chiron, Neptune and Jupiter in Aquarius, and Uranus in Pisces.

  There's a celestial bottleneck on Wednesday, but it starts to build the evening before. Tuesday evening, Jupiter semi-sextiles Uranus. Early Wednesday morning, Uranus pivots, going retrograde in Pisces. All day Wednesday Mercury and Venus make aspects to Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune.

  There are many currents at work here and they're all part of a larger brew. It translates quite literally. There's more happening in our lives. The media will have its news to chew on, and so will we. Wednesday afternoon and evening is when the buzz seems to build to a crescendo.

  The fundamentals look good. Jupiter semi-sextiling Uranus suggests that the pictured has shifted for the better. There are opportunities in the changes that are presenting themselves, but we may have to reflect on it a while to catch some of the advantages. Gathering information while you can is good. Friends or technology may be of assistance. But sure to apply what you've recently learned.

  On the flip side, the Uranian pivot could indicate that new information now means we need to re-think how we network. There could be new people empathetic to your cause. Uranus means change, and that's not always OK with folks. Some are stimulated by it, others frightened. As strange as it may sound, we could find out what we don't know. This would be an excellent time to be an empathetic friend to someone in need.

  Venus and Mercury move a lot faster than Jupiter, Uranus or Neptune. On the down side, Venus will square Neptune and Mercury will square Uranus on Wednesday. Yes, there are opportunities available in these changes, but they may not be what you thought and there's a high likelihood that you won't like it at first. The perception could be that others don't care, and last minute changes set-off some issues.

  With Mercury trining Chiron, Neptune and Jupiter, we can be offered some good advice today. Simply being a good listener (Mercury trining Neptune) could be very helpful as well. Mercury trining all these planets in Air signs suggests communications are fundamentally helpful.


Learning to ride the tides,
and choose your timing

  This is a mix of energies, and in retrospect, both will be seen to have been true. A shift in plans could provide new opportunities, but we may need a little time to figure out just what they are. Just being cheerful and upbeat (Mercury trining Jupiter) can certainly help, but don't be surprised if you don't win them over right away (Mercury squaring Uranus).

  On Tuesday afternoon, we feel pretty good about what's happening, and this will be some of the best time to accomplish whatever you set your mind to do. Just make sure you finish by 6 PM. By Wednesday afternoon, the eagle will have landed, the news will have come in or events will have changed. We're running around in a flurry trying to keep up with it all.

  Much of this is normal, day-to-day activities. The strongest single aspect is the Uranian pivot. It largely depends on what 26 Pisces is doing for your chart. There's a buzz of nervous energy here, and we may not like all the shifts that are taking place, but a little verbal reinforcement can be helpful (whether or not they take it). If 26 Pisces isn't a major player (26 Gemini, 26 Virgo or 26 Sagittarius) in your chart, then a buzzy afternoon trying to cope with what's happening at the moment will be the rule.


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