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Week of June 19th - June 25th, 2009

The Silver Cord

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Earth shine on the Moon

The 'New Moon' is a dark moon. The
first light of the crescent moon comes later.

  On Monday at 3:34 PM EDT, the Sun and Moon join in what is called in layman's terms the 'New Moon'. Since they align in the 1st degree of the sign the Moon rules, this is a more potent lunation than usual and bears some looking into. Here's what Firmicus Maternus thought some 17 centuries ago.

  "We promised that we would explain in this book all the courses of the Moon; also what she predicts, and in what way. The whole essence of the human body is related to the power of that divinity. For after life-giving breath has entered the completed human being and the spirit of the Divine Mind has poured itself into the body, the Moon by her courses maintains the shape of the already formed body. Therefore we must carefully observe the movements of the Moon in order to explain the whole essence of the human body...

  "God the Creator of man, when with his unique skill he formed the living being, bound the immortal soul to the earthly body. The soul, poured inside and fastened by the force of necessity, governs and serves the fragile mind and body.

  "The soul will not have a perfect receptacle and will not be able to show its divinity unless the body has been strengthened for its reception. Thus the soul and body, mutually sustaining each other by the strength of their own natures, show that man is composed of an earthly and a divine nature in one perfect form and shape.

  "We must know how the Moon undertakes the care of the human body and what has been allotted to the power of the Moon. For we feel in our bodies the increases of the waxing Moon and the losses of her waning. The innermost parts of the human grow when the Moon grows, and when she begins to lose light they languish, fatigued in body; when she grows again, their power of growth comes flooding back.

The Silver Cord

The Silver Cord is what
attaches the soul to the body at birth

  "The whole essence of the earthly body is governed by the power of the Moon. Since she is located in the lower regions of the heavens, because of her nearness she has been allotted power over the Earth and all the bodies animated by the breath of the Divine Mind. She maintains her course with infinite variety and runs with speed through all the signs, joining herself to all planets. From different elements she builds up the human body, once conceived, and dissolves it again into its elements."

  Mathesis of Firmicus Maternus, pp. 118-119.

  From here on in the narrative, Maternus examines the influence of the Moon when combined with other planets. We are being told the Moon rules over our bodies, and the bodies of all the creatures of the wild. This lunar cycle would be a wonderful time to open communication with our physical selves, to engage in some new dietary, healing or exercise regime. The waxing Moon increases our strength.

  The Moon is a curious satellite twice over. In the same manner that the circumference of the Moon and Sun are nearly the same (even though their distances from the Earth are millions of miles apart) or that the face of the Moon is the only side we ever get to see while living here on the Earth, so the soul (we are told) takes on the form and spirit of the vehicle (body), until such time as the silver cord between the two is cut, and the soul is freed at death from its mortal coil.


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