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Week of June 12th - June 18th, 2009

Jupiter's Pivot

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Bolts from out of the blue

  This week, we see the last of the three planets riding together in Aquarius reaching it's 'high water mark', turning in the heavens to begin its retrograde motion. One of the criteria that makes the outer planets so much more 'powerful' than the inner planets (those further from the Sun as opposed to those closer) is that they more slowly. As they roll over a position in a chart, they linger there for a longer period of time, 'sitting' on a point, focusing their power. Like a finger passing through a flame, do it quickly, no big deal. Allow the finger to tarry a split second too long and "Houston, we have a problem." When planets pivot, they slow down, stop, and then begin to move back over a single degree.

  On Monday morning at 3:50 AM EDT, Jupiter will pivot at 27 degrees of Aquarius and turn to follow Neptune and Chiron in the 26th degree of that same sign. Look at the planets in your chart, and whatever is at the 25th, 26th or 27th degree is feeling the acceleration of this planetary focus. While I can't speak for your individual charts in a generic column such as this, we can look at the general trend now.

  Both Mars and Venus are making some very nice aspects to Jupiter as we approach the pivot. This can help to make us happier, more exuberant and may even open a few doors for those willing to reach out and seize it. Riding in a close conjunction in early Taurus, here's the timetable.

  Mars quintiles (Friday, 6/12) and parallels Jupiter (Saturday, 6/13) over the weekend as we approach the pivot. These two fire lords give us more metabolism, help to burn off calories, and get things done. It makes us more courageous in all we do. For those looking to begin a new physical activity or rededicate efforts, this energy is excellent. We can jump hurtles or negotiate obstacles with greater ease and less stress. With Mars and Jupiter in fixed signs (Mars in Taurus and Jupiter in Aquarius), this can be the beginning of sustained efforts, whether on getting a new handle on your finances, learning some excellent new information, or simply breaking the routine and having some fun.

Venus and Mars

Botticelli's Mars and Venus

  After Venus quintiles Chiron and Neptune Sunday, it quintiles Jupiter on Monday morning. This little stream is particularly enjoyable, creative and social. Life is full of change, perhaps now more than ever, but like all change, it also creates some opportunities. This could be as simple as re-connecting with some special friends, or finding a wonderful new site or info on-line. With Mars or Venus, there's always the possibility of falling in love, either with someone new, or re-kindling an old flame with your current romantic partner.

  We got the zip and they're looking pretty cute!

  Mars and Venus represent the male and female drives, but they're also the many things in life we simply enjoy. If these waters are successfully navigated, good relationships substantially improve, new relationships really get off the ground, and travel plans keep their promise. Naturally, this all depends on how strongly either 26 Aquarius (Jupiter) or 9 Taurus (Mars and Venus) impacts your chart. For the next few days, enjoy.


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