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Week of June 5th - June 11th, 2009


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Bolts from out of the blue

  Over the last few weeks we have been watching the stellium of planets in late Aquarius. As the inauguration promised, this is a time of transformation. As the Sun and Jupiter first entered Aquarius, there was a change in both administration and attitude. Instead of belligerence and fear, we are now extending the hand of friendship to those willing to meet us halfway. In Cairo this past week, a sitting US president addressed the Muslim world and asked for a new start with our brethren. Abraham has long been known as the father of the three monotheistic religions in the west, and yet his oldest child has been often overlooked in favor of the Judeo-Christian ethic. We are all children of the same father.

  With Chiron, Neptune and Jupiter all still tightly packaged together in the 26th degree of Aquarius, we continue to feel the effects of these changes upon us. But change is a multi-faceted crystal. There are things we enjoy about it as we let go of out-dated habits and traditions. It releases us into new realms of experience, to new thrills and discoveries. But discovering what is new can also be unfamiliar and unnerving. We must face the unknown, and the unknown can be frightening. There is a comfort and familiarity in tradition and repetition. We know what to expect. Aquarius does not always allow the luxury of foreknowledge. Neptune deals with slow, long term change, like the tides washing away a shore line or rain melting away the rock. Aquarius more often represents radical transformation; one that is sudden and unexpected. Lightning is a phenomena of nature often associated with Aquarius. Can you predict where the next lightning strike will be?

  As we grow closer to the Age of Aquarius, these themes will become more evident. But this sign is affecting us in ways both great and small. It is not only the political events that we see taking place all around us, it is the little things that we are doing in life that are also impacted, and they will be triggered this week. Look at the issues that you are dealing with, and observe what is taking place around you, with your friends, the networks that you plug into and most of all in the shifts that transpire on Tuesday and Wednesday.

  Mercury has finished its retrograde motion and is slowly gathering momentum through the late degrees of Taurus. On Tuesday morning Mercury will square Chiron (8:48 AM), and then square Neptune (5:53 PM). On Wednesday morning, it will square Jupiter (11:48 AM). Mercury rules the day-to-day affairs of our lives, what is on our minds and who we have to call. It is the daily chores that must be attended to, the travel plans that we have. As Mercury squares each of these planets, there will be an increased amount of activity, of people calling, of internet buzz or of news in the media. Mercury teaches us to be flexible and adapt, like the chameleon, to the conditions with which we must deal. With Mercury squaring Neptune and Jupiter, we may not be given correct information. This is not the time to over-react, although this is precisely what many folks may do. You are not playing with a full deck, you do not have a complete set of information and are therefore not in the best place to make a judgement call. Wait for a bit and allow the dust to settle before casting the die and jumping in on important considerations.


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