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Week of May 29th - June 4th, 2009

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Triple conjunction
Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron

  For a while now we've been watching the passage of Chiron, Neptune and Jupiter through the late degrees of Aquarius. At the moment these three 'planets' are all within a third of a degree of each other, which is tight indeed.

  Of these three planets, in the next 48 hours Chiron and Neptune will pivot. Throw Mercury's change of direction into the mix (at 23 Taurus) Saturday evening and we have a whole host of 'turn-around-time' on our hands.

  Late week we implied that the conjunction of these three in the sign of the Water Bearer was related to the decades of abuse at work in the Irish Catholic Church. Jupiter is the spirit of religion, Neptune authors much of Christianity, while Chiron is the wounded healer. Put them together and you have the pain and suffering of the innocent at the hands of those entrusted with their care.

  Jupiter tends to expand or enlarge issues, in the pulpit or on the media. It fans the flames of fleeting fires. Conjunct Neptune, this can also translate as 'larger' Neptunian issues.

  Since last week, we've had another dramatic manifestation of these powerful alignments.

  Many of the Greek gods had epithets such as 'Cow-eyed Hera' or 'Grey-eyed Athena'. Poseidon (Neptune) was known as the 'Earthshaker'. In other words, he was Lord of the Earthquake. At 08:04 AM GMT on the 27th of May a strong earthquake of 7.1 registered off Roatan, Honduras. Some 12 hours and 18 minutes earlier, Jupiter had exactly conjuncted Neptune. How often does Jupiter conjunct Neptune? The previous alignment between these two was on January 9th, 1997, some 12 years, 4 months and 18 days earlier. These two are outer planets. They do not align with each together that often.


Poseidon (aka Neptune)

  Naturally, there are many ways in which the archetypes each of these planets represent may be threaded together. It doesn't always have to be as an earthquake. We focus on the pivots because that's when pressure is being put on the celestial seams. This is when there can be a rend in the fabric of life. It is a high water mark, an extreme of the energy. When pivots coincide with the degree of the Full Moon, the events can be particularly powerful.

  We may see additional crests over the next 72 hours, in the political arena or among the forces of nature, in our personal lives or in the media. Since this alignment is in Aquarius, it gives us insight into the multiple ways this sign can manifest. With the inner conjunctions (Jupiter to Chiron and Neptune) and the pivots happening all one on top of the other, this energy has been triggered all week. The humanitarian bar of Aquarius is being raised. If Obama has his way, there will be a Hispanic woman on the Supreme Court. Social barriers are changing, aligning along more Aquarian lines. It invites the multi-colored rainbow of life. These are some 'signs' of what the New Age will bring, a time when people will be judged by the merit of their conduct rather than by the color of their skin or design of their god. In this instance, the candidate is of obscure background, of humble roots (Neptune).

  On a more personal note, prayers can have a stronger collective influence at this time, with heaven supplying some of the celestial juice we need to help have our message heard.

  Blessings to all.


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