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Two fish


  Pisces is the sign of the fish. In the English language, this is an unusual noun in that it can be either singular or plural. It can represents one fish, or a school of fish. The constellation actually deals with two fish, and upon this simple symbol lies much of the duality of our time.

  My experience in studying the Ages has shown that during each epoch, the population is seen through the lens of the Vernal Equinox, while what we strive to evolve as a civilization as viewed through the Autumnal Equinox. For instance, during the Age of Gemini the oral tradition was what was sacred, and myths were used to pass on truth about their world and life. The Autumnal Equinox at that time was Sagittarius, and these collective memories were used as a way to relate to the divine.

  During the Age of Taurus, agricultural gifts were the essence of our being, as the ox and plough moved to the forefront of advanced technologies. Food production took off. During this period Scorpio was on the Autumnal Equinox, and mummification, tombs and the realm of the dead moved to the forefront of social decorum. The head of Egypt's pantheon was Osiris, Lord of the Dead.

  During the Age of Aries, the martial warlord took command and we boldly sought to go where no man had gone before. Military might became divine right. As a result, the Autumnal Equinox developed the scales of justice, and new codes of behavior prevailed across the land, from Hammurabi's laws, to the tablets of Moses, to the Roman system of justice (the basis of our laws in the west today).

  Which brings us to the Age of Pisces, an epoch whose sands are about to run out through the narrow neck of the hour glass. The Bible equates Pisces with the sea of humanity. The common people have always been the riches of the church. During this period, the Autumnal Equinox was marked by the constellation Virgo, and we have all found ourselves to be workers in the Lord's vineyard. In a time of ignorance (Pisces), society has striven to make learning and education (Virgo, ruled by Mercury) some of our most powerful institutions.

Competition during Pisces

Competition during Pisces

  Jesus gave sermons about the duality of Pisces and Virgo, when he fed the multitudes with the fishes (Pisces) and the loaves (the wheat of the harvest the Virgin holds). If you believe (Pisces), you can heal (Virgo) yourself. Of course, this is what Jesus does as he goes from town to town. Where people believe, miracles occur; where they do not, he knocks the dust off his feet (Pisces) and moves on to the next town.

  This same Pisces/Virgo polarity can be interpreted as divide and conquer. In various ways we are encouraged into games of competition wherein there is but one winner. We compete to beat. There can be only one correct answer. Our society has been built upon systems of division and stratification, but is on a self-destructive path.

  As we move into the Age of Aquarius, the time for division is coming to an end. We are beginning to see ourselves as one: one people on one planet, all breathing the same air and working for the same concerns. There is no us and them, no good and bad, no one deserving to be killed; it is only us. We generate the problems, and we can generate the solutions.

  How should we treat ourselves?

  A way of thinking and being is coming to an end, with a new one about to begin.


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