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Week of May 1st - May 7th, 2009

Frequency Shift

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  Can you feel it?

Aquarius at the inauguration

Aquarius at the inauguration

  The changes are all around us and flying fast. The loss of homes, businesses and banks' bad loans, the auto industry and insurance companies. There was the stimulus package, bail-outs and torture. On top of all this, the media is now saturated with information about the pandemic.

  Big wheels may keep on turning, but it seems as though they're starting to hum at a faster clip. The news networks vie to keep up with the latest information, tripping over each other in their coverage.

  It's all part of the frequency shift. Welcome to the flip side of Aquarius. This is what it means. It all began when Barack Obama came to power as the Sun and Jupiter entered Aquarius. There was new opportunity, focus and hope; born of the people, by the people and for the people. The networks were vibrating, the excitement tangible, the joy unimaginable.

  A new way of being was being born.

  That day captured a few of the themes of the new dawn, an Age whose gates we collectively approach. We are seeing clues in the events around us. These are glimmerings of what Aquarius is all about. On the high side it can be the collective pulling together for the benefit of all. Its energy generally logs in as a radical break with tradition, unnerving, electrifying and untamed in its power.

  These are riptides of the flip side of the Aquarian stream. Their individual and collective unpredictably can wreak havoc on the best laid plans of zoning boards everywhere. You never know what to expect. After some amazing successes collective redirects are generally not far behind. Exciting times, indeed. Welcome to the land of lightning featuring Blitz Obama and his Aquarian Ascendant.

Late Aquarius

Late Aquarian planets

  At the other end of the celestial stream, Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune gallop together through the waning degrees of Aquarius. On May 1st they are at 24, 25 and 26 respectively out of a possible 29. Unlike the opening degrees, this thematic end-run focuses on weaknesses in the social scheme, where the system is worn, frayed or outdated. Early degrees are like a spring lamb, waning degrees an old man.

  In the middle of the three is Chiron, the wounded healer, administering to the pandemic. When activated, Chiron represents society's Achilles heel, our mortal vulnerabilities. With Jupiter closing fast, the international mass-media (Jupiter) is picking up the story and fanning the flames. Even the global perspective (Jupiter) is having a say as the WHO pushes the warning stage to 5 out of a possible 6. Neptune is the Lord of the huddled masses, the poor, lost and lonely. These are the children of Mexico (whatever their age) who bear the burdens of a working class used, abused and discarded. Yet Neptune suggests not all is as it seems. The tightening focus of these planetary lords stirs the waters of Creation more deeply and the media (Jupiter) comes alive with the buzz (Aquarius).

  The broken wavy lines of the symbol Aquarius represent electricity on the mundane level, whether through toasters or night lights. In nature it can be the unrestrained couplings of heavens and earth through thunderbolts, electrifying the landscape in a blinding flash of power.

  Now you see it and now you don't.


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