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Week of April 24th - April 30th, 2009

Having It Both Ways

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  President Obama's chart shows he has a Leo Sun, Gemini Moon, and Aquarius rising. These are the 'Big Three' of anyone's birth map, and they go a long way in describing the nature of an individual. The president's Sun in Leo represents his warmth and personal affection. He comes from his heart, encourages 'transparency' (another name for truth), and is obviously very bonded to both his wife and children. He is a natural leader, who confidently takes to his role.

President Obama

President Obama

  His Moon in Gemini demonstrates his communicational ease. He has the gift of gab, is verbally quick on his feet and comfortable in any interactive conference setting, whether cabinet meeting or town hall quorum. Together with his Leo Sun, he has a strong sense of humor and is not afraid to make fun of himself. He innately understands the advantages of direct communication, and is willing to open up negotiations, to hear both sides of the argument, attempting to find common ground upon which consensus can be built.

  His Aquarian rising sign indicates one who looks to the future. He believes in the collective, networks and the interaction of consensus. That we are all one people, on one planet, breathing the same air is also high on his register. Together with his Gemini Moon, this paves the way for his talking to people around the world directly, offering sentiments in their own language to good effect.

  Unfortunately, like JFK, Obama can flip-flop in some of his pronouncements, changing his mind when the political landscape shifts. While Obama has a Moon in Gemini, JFK had his Sun in Gemini. The former Massachusetts Senator was probably most guilty of this duplicity around his war and peace themes, of laying the foundation for a peaceful initiative for our ship of state, while sincerely concerned about the Communist threat in the far east. Obama has Aquarius rising, Kennedy had his Uranus (the ruler of Aquarius) in Aquarius. Each are independent thinkers.

  One of the many powerful alignments that we have been experiencing since the January inauguration was Uranus squaring the US Mars on the 18th of February this year. Mars deals with the military, and Uranus is the planet of sudden change. Here is the NY Times report that appeared on page A20:

Bush Cheney

Bush Cheney

  "WASHINGTON- Even as it pulls back from harsh interrogations and other sharply debated aspects of George W. Bush's 'war on terrorism,' the Obama administration is quietly signaling continued support for other major elements of its predecessor's approach to fighting Al Qaeda...

  "Margaret Satterthwaite, a faculty director at the human rights center at the New York University law school, said, 'It was literally just Bush redux- exactly the same legal arguments that we saw the Bush administration present to the court...'

  "Mr. Obama has clashed with civil libetarians before. Last July, he voted to authorize eavesdropping on some phone calls and e-mail messages without a warrant. While the A.C.L.U. says the program is still unconstitutional, the legislation reduced legal concerns about one of the most controversial aspects of Mr. Bush's antiterror strategy.

  "'We have been some of the most articulate and vociferous critics of the way the Bush administration handled things,' Mr. Craig said. 'There has been a dramatic change of direction.'"


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