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Week of April 17th - April 23rd, 2009

Peering into the Pensive

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  We stand at one of those rare moments suspended in time. As a heavenly orb sets on the horizon, its faint light is reflected in the polished surface of a waiting emerald, releasing an inner memory.

Fairy Blue

Catching the Light

  We are being given a fleeting glimpse of the other side today. Pay heed, as clues are subtle. This can work whether you are looking at subjective, inter-personal or collective matters. What is happening in the world? What is being said now politically, socially and environmentally? Clues are being given to us in cryptic form. This is the language of dreams and of how they speak to us.

  Venus has been retrograde since March 6th. She reversed direction at 15 degrees and returned to zero Aries (April 11th) when her toes plunged into Neptune's cold waters. At 3:25 PM today, she gently pirouettes on the waves and resumes her forward course. Her waters are the 29th degree of Pisces, the final degree of the zodiac.

  What do we do with such a clue?

  Venus is in its exaltation in Pisces, a sign that deals with the subconscious. Venus in Pisces translates as many things. It is inner (Pisces) peace (Venus) or the healing balm of a chorus with everyone singing together. Because this is the last degree of the entire zodiac, we are also looking back on the waning stages of a system that has run its course. We stand poised on the edge of the time, about us still are many reciters of the old script.

  On a personal level, Venus returning to this final degree suggests this is a time to make peace, letting go of former animosities or alliances. Our social stage is getting ready to change, but we don't see that quite yet. With Pisces, our current contacts may soon be memories, or will change in ways we do not currently foresee. We are returning for a final review, before we move forward into all that is getting ready to unfold. How do you want to leave your slate of checks and balances? You could hear from someone you haven't heard from in some time, or, you could contact folks yourself, connecting, for instance, with those society has shunted aside, such as someone in the hospital or nursing home. They will love you for it.

Crystal Clear Reflections

Crystal Clear Reflections

  Pisces is the arena into which we sweep many of the things we won't deal with. We forget, ignore, deny, put off, procrastinate and otherwise devise new ways to make issues disappear we don't have time for. Sometimes this is intentional, and sometimes our priorities simply don't allow them. When a planet pivots in Pisces, it enhances the aroma of the fish.

  What is your question? What do you really need at this time? Articulate what it is you would like to know and release it to the forces around you. Pay attention to the serendipitous connections that happen today, the chance occurrence, the unsolicited remark. They may be the answers you have been looking for.

  Dreams are a part of our inner nature. They reflect on what we have been going through on a day-to-day level. We give vent to our feelings, confront our fears and tempt our passions when we dream. Dreams guided the child to Egypt, and told the Wise Men to return by a different route.

  Each of us has a different path to walk while on this journey. Clues are being offered for those who would like to know, throughout the day today.

  But like a dream, it evaporates quickly once you are awake. Like a butterfly in a net, write it down, don't let it get away.

  They are such dainty creatures.


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