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Mars Uranus in Pisces

The Mars Uranus conjunction in Pisces

  On April 15th at 6:00 AM Mars will conjunct Uranus in the 24th degree of Pisces.

  Mars is the planet of energy, initiative, impulsiveness and spontaneity. Mythologically he rules the God of War, which can be interpreted as being pushy, belligerent, aggressive and confrontational. On the positive side, this can represent leadership material, those who are willing to pioneer new directions and act decisively, particularly in the face of danger. These are the heroes we honor and hold aloft, whether as soldiers, policemen or firemen.

  Uranus is the planet of knowledge and information. On the high side, this can be wild, exciting, stimulating, independent and free. It sounds like a dynamic and attractive combination, until you realize the flip side. They can also be difficult to control, their independence leading them to conclusions different from yours. Generally they demonstrate a high level of concentration, a deep understanding of schema, systems, networks and people.

  The conjunction is the most fundamental of all the aspects of astrology. As you look out into the sky, they would look like they are together. With the conjunction, their energies meld into one, each contributing their own particular qualities to the new mix.


Another View

  When you combine the energies of these two planets, there can be an unexpected surge of passion, a stimulating and unique experience, from self-discovery to a hair-raising adventure. Because this combination occurs in Pisces, new images or pictures may come through, from YouTube to a Hollywood movie.

  One of the dangers of mixing these two celestial archetypes is that they both have a lot of power, and there can be a disproportionate surge of unstable energy that expands in unexpected directions. This can lead to explosions; of personalities, power tools, computers or computer information. This could be anything from a virus to a disk crash, or even a storm at sea. The conjunction is both raw and powerful, and some will not like the disruptions and/or upsets which this new information yields. Others may be totally turned on by the connection, discovering new possibilities, links and information that speaks directly to their soul. Because it falls in Pisces, it could even represent the sudden loss of information, or the discovery that what you have been working with was erroneous, misleading or wrong. There are no other 'hard' aspects being made to this conjunction (which is a good thing), but it entirely depends on what it is triggering in your chart as to how it will manifest for you. If your natal Venus is located at 24 degrees of Pisces (or close to it), this may be having discovered the new love of your life! If you have Saturn in your natal chart at 24 degrees of Leo or Libra (forming inconjuncts to the Mars Uranus conjunction), a much more difficult tribulation is likely to be the result, where you confront authorities (Saturn), find something broken by children (Leo), or discover a grave social injustice (Libra) which ticks you off (Mars Uranus).

  In a nutshell, Mars conjuncting Uranus is a powerful surge of electrical energy, which stimulates whatever it comes in contact with. It is not a hard aspect, but it does deal with powerful currents which, if allowed to get out of hand, may bite you.


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