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Week of March 13th - March 19th, 2009

A Time to Dream Dreams

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  Part of the rhythm of life is its ebb and flow, particularly here on the Earth. Emotions rise and fall, night passes into day, summer into winter;

Night dreams

Night dreams

these are all obvious associations. But one that is not so obvious is the lunar cycle which every two and a half days passes into a new sign, during which time we turn our attention to... whatever La Lune commands. During Aries there is a tendency to focus on the self, during Taurus on our securities. While in Gemini the phone lines begin to buzz, in Cancer it's time to munch a bunch. In Leo we become more playful, creative or focus on our children. During Virgo we turn our attention to more practical projects and chores: repair and maintenance, organization and alphabetization. In Libra our attention shifts towards concerns for the partner, etc.

  During each of these 'phases', there is also a time of ebb and flow; of inhaling and exhaling. While the Moon is fresh and active, when it first enters a new sign, we focus our attention, concentrate on what is at hand, and apply our will power to work on what is right in front of us; but when the Moon goes Void-of-Course (V/C) at the end of each sign, it's time to let go of that focus and let the tide take us; to relax, sleep, or even simply put the toys or tools back, the project completed. These are usually mindless, low tech activities where we can think about other things, dream for a while, or fantasize. It's part of the natural rhythm of life.

  If you’re aware of the Void of Course period, you're better able to ride with the celestial current; applying pressure or focus at the appropriate time, and then letting go when it's done. It is of course possible to swim upstream, against the current; but it's more difficult, takes more effort, and runs against the grain.

Voyage dans la Lune

La Lune

  There are a hundred examples I could think of, but one that springs to mind was when Mom had picked up a couple of chairs from an auction that needed work. Her idea was to repair and re-upholster them with a new fabric. One chair she refurbished without any problem, while the other fought everything she tried to do. The pieces simply wouldn't fit together, the parts she glued showed large cracks, etc. She managed to finish both, but one took twice the work of the other and was very exasperating. I found out about her project (and when she had done it) after the fact, so there was no pre-conditioning her psychologically. It was already a done deal. This had simply been her report.

  Two similar chairs, one started during the V/C Moon, the other not.

  Void-of-Course Moons are a wonderful time for dreaming dreams, for expanding your possibilities in thought; to say, "What if" and, "I wonder." To pose questions, explore, talk, communicate and discuss. It is a time to make temporary plans, but to be prepared for those plans to change.

  It is an excellent time for playing, for chasing fairies in the woods. It's when we can invite new thoughts; and so is helpful for communication. The Void-of-Course Moon can open us to our more creative spirit. It is the space between the gears when we just 'float' with the energy, freeing it; to expand it into dimensions not before thought of. So by freeing and expanding it, it's a good time for allowing a greater connection with your higher self.


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