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Week of March 6th - March 12th, 2009

Lighthouse at the End of the World

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  We're approaching what some have called 'the end of the world'. The disciples use this phrase while posing a question in Matthew 24.


Through the darkness...

Yet it is not the 'end of the world' per se, it's the end of an era of civilization. A way of being is about to rollover. In the Hebrew Bible, Daniel also speaks of a time of the end, yet these two are not the same. Civilizations have come and gone through such periods before. As a people, we will pass through them again.


Pisces kaput?

  Our epic watery voyage has been long, but our destination finally approaches. We wait for the Sun to rise and point the way to Omega. A vast multitude rides with us as powerful waves rise and fall. We are bound for a distant shore, where it is said a great freshwater stream meets the ocean deep. Thus far our nocturnal quest has been without beacon or star. Senses remain alert, but few clues are given. We await the return, yet none on this voyage ever have been here before.

  As the pillars of Pisces crumble under the sands of time, much will be revealed. The economic system is being shaken, swallowing 401Ks for breakfast. Natural disasters will knock insurance companies out of the loop. As a result, the health care industry will fall. In the short term, public services will be lost, as the means to sustain them evaporates. Stop gap measures will not be enough to maintain the old ways. Roads and highways will fall into disrepair.

  Big ticket items will not be replaced.

Crumbling Parthenon

Crumbling Parthenon

  On the flip side, for those who make it through to the start of the new Age, will find a 'brave new world' awaiting them. The reports suggest there will no longer be war, nor engines of war. The military and its related defense industry will cease to exist. There will be a new spirit of humanity, freely given and freely received, that will take hold, flowering like a new spring. While losing the health care industry and its pharmaceutical allies, a real sense of personal healing will take root. Not only will we take on greater responsibility for our own health, but there will be what we would consider today major medical breakthroughs and even miracles. The body will be better maintained with science and education joining together, seeking new ways to heal, rather than destroy, the world about us. In many ways, the impossible will become possible.

  As a species we are guided by what we see. Those who place their hopes in out-dated systems will see their familiar world falling apart. Those who see new streams of opportunity opening will be guided along the way.

  What myth calls for is the end of capitalism as we know it. Greed and fear have guided our evolution for too long. It is time for it to end. It's clear that the Bible lists a lengthy 'period of deception' coming to an end as we collectively realign our circuitry.

  There will be some strong currents building over the next few years as the pace accelerates. We are seeing the world transition, and each in turn waits to pick up their piece of the upcoming journey.

  Positive change beckons, like the sweep of a huge floodlight balanced above a granite circular ring wrapping a narrow finger of land. Dancing from earth to water with equal ease, it's power penetrates the night. As it aligns, a brilliant flash instantly puts all else aside...

  ...while lighting the way.


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