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Week of February 27th - March 5th, 2009

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  Saturn is on the horizon this weekend, coming into view. It is asking us to pay more attention to what needs to be done, to attend to responsibilities.



There are times when we need to cut the visit short, put more effort into the circumstances at hand, or focus our energies such that peripherals are trimmed. It may not be the time to try and get five things done. Decide what is most important, and work on one or two items instead, honing your efforts.

  Work and health issues are what are most being called upon. As we mention in the dailies, Mars and Mercury are running close together in the heavens in Aquarius, and they inconjunct Saturn in Virgo in the 18th/19th degrees. There can be rips, falls or accidents. Electrical failures, computer malfunctions, loss of data or the turning of an ankle are all possible contenders. Banging the head, or experiencing a malfunction with power tools are also possible.

  Saturn is the outermost visible planet. It was once thought to be the outermost ring of Creation, the final test before the soul left the solar system. In the body, Saturn represents the bones, the last tangible evidence of a life once lived here on Earth.

  But Saturn helps us learn to deal with discipline, responsibility and the elderly. Although the inconjunct is a difficult aspect, it also helps us to sharpen our will, and to get things done which at other times might seem impossible. Since Saturn is the Lord of Time, balancing our timetables and making good use of the available time we have is one of the many lessons of this ancient lord. This is why we need to prioritize our events, getting what is most important done first (even though it may be a boring task), the second most important project done second, etc. This is why Saturn rules managers and CEOs- anyone who is responsible for overseeing the situation and monitoring the overall job.


More Saturn

  Because of the timing of these two aspects (Saturday evening and early Sunday morning), many will attempt to stay up late through the night, either playing into the wee hours, or working on the projects which require our attention. In either event, we feel it as we arise Sunday morning, and decisions may have to be made. This time cannot be taken back. Use it wisely.

  Certainly, the weekend is the core of our efforts, when the greatest challenges will be made. We will feel a slight return to the energy through Tuesday afternoon as the Sun contraparallels Saturn. Additional efforts may be called upon as we work to get things done, and done right. Health issues which require a regular timetable of application may be more difficult to implement given the circumstances, so make sure that more flexible arrangements are made, bending with the situation as it unfolds. Take a back up supply and have it with you, be prepared to contact the people concerned if you find yourself running late (many people will be), or make decisions ahead of time that will allow you the extra time and energy to do what must be done.

  Saturn generally represents a testing time. We are being thrown off-center under what could be considered stormy conditions. Batten down the hatches. Consider the environment, treat it with respect, know that ice could be slippery or that your project may take more effort than you originally thought, and be willing to give it the time that it needs.


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